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In The Rain

In the Rain // 30 01 16

Today started off as a lovely day. However we had things to do so taking this weeks photo for my “Changing Seasons” project got pushed back to being an afternoon activity. As it turns out it started to snow just as I was setting off, but I’d got no choice but to go out anyway as the next week starts tomorrow, and I didn’t have a shot. And the sun was setting in an hour. Woo! Lesson learnt; don’t leave it so late! Here are some more zoo shots from Chester Zoo last weekend, because why not.




Twycross Zoo

Dhole // 10 12 15
344 // 365
Today we went on the last ever (no longer) annual trip to Twycross Zoo with the Psychology students. It rained rather badly all day but we still all went around and looked at the animals.
One of my last aims was to shoot a fox before the end of the year, but this is likely to be as close as I get to a fox. It’s called a Dhole.

ButterflyIt should be remarked that the lady in the Butterfly house was lovely and pointed out some leaf butterflies that I would have otherwise missed!

Twycross Zoo

Sometimes being a teacher has its perks. Today I got to take 24 pupils to Twycross Zoo.
The zoo has changed a lot since I was last there, which was at a guess about 4 years ago. However one thing which me really happy was the fact they are getting lions soon and this time the otters were actually out!

The gift shop/cafe had a snow leopard enclosure attached to it which was really nice – although conversations were really disjointed as people were talking to each other whilst staring out of the window and each time the leopards did anything conversation stopped, hehehe

This owl was part of one of the new sections at the zoo, as were the pelicans below.

Otters on parade!

And a couple of autumn shots which I took whilst I was there : )