Bluebell Woods

Lost in Bluebell Woods

Before returning back to walk, I had a sunset walk in the woods not too far from where I live. I had assumed the bluebells might be out, as they are out in my garden, and it was a lovely sunny day.

Bluebell Woods

What a nice end to a great week off!

Bluebell Woods Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods

Mr Snooty Fox and the Woman in White

Mr Snooty Fox // 05 08 15217 // 365

Yesterday was mine and kB’s 10 year anniversary. Mr Snooty Fox was one of the little presents he got me. Because I do indeed love foxes.

Woman in white // 06 08 15

218 // 365

This year I started off purple. Then I let it fade back to blue. Then I spend a few months between being blue and purple. I decided to fade it out and go pastel purple. So I ended up green. Then after a few failed bleaching attempts I decided the blue/green wasn’t coming out so I went dark red. I did not like dark red (despite being dark red for years!). In order to make myself feel a bit better about the red I decided to bleach the ends out and put a brighter red on them. In the process of bleaching the ends they went…. Pastel pink. Which I loved! I was a bit shocked that it went that way.
So I bleached my whole head, and was pastel pink / purple for a while. There were still blue-y undertones though. When I went on holiday the sun bleached the purple out, leaving it grey. Which I *really* liked. But it only did this to the top, so underneath it was purple and greeny. So then I decided on Monday to bleach it all again, originally with the intention of going a very pastel pink (which I hated, so I bleach it again). And now here I am with blonde/silver hair.
Whoever thought after all these years of being weird colours, I would end up blonde!
Disclaimer: If you plan on bleaching your hair, I would advice you use coconut oil. It does wonders to protect it from damage!

From darkness

From darkness // 02 08 15

214 // 365

I have decided to put a bit more effort in for August whilst I am off work. I really enjoyed taking photos when I was on holiday, so I think I am trying to do too much on an average day with work, exercise and taking a photo every day. Seeing as I’m not at work until Sep this means I can work on the photos a bit more.

I’m going to try to get out and visit different places when I can, and shoot a variety of things. That is the plan anyway, it obviously depends on the weather and other commitments (like festivals!)


Incarnation // 09 04 15099 // 365

Today was the first day in a while that I fancied actually taking a photo. I’ve been shooting every day (obviously) but since being ill/grandad passing away my heart hasn’t really been in it.

This morning in a last attempt to spur myself into action I went out and bought a brand new sketch book, pencils and crayons so I could write down ideas. It seems to have worked a bit because I’ve had a few. I had to wait until the sun was low enough for this one, so I didn’t get out to shoot until after tea.

Big Wide World

Big Wide World // 11 05 14131 // 365

Another band shoot today; I took this before I was due to meet them. The weather was all over the place, raining one minute (heavy rain too!), then sunny, then cloudy, then windy, the sunny, then raining….

Got the shots though, even if we did end up spending some of the time waiting around for the sun to go in, or huddled under umbrellas waiting for the rain to stop!

SoS (in Bluebell Woods)

SoS // 27 04 14
117 // 365

Day 16 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 15: I have no idea what it’s called but it is part of the Trans Pennine Trail, UK

So, 16 days later and I managed to take a photo in 15 different places, weather being the only reason I didn’t make it to 16. The furthest away I ventured was my grandma’s house I think. She lives about 40 minutes away, most of these locations are really close to my house and for this I am grateful. I live in a great area for woodlands, parks and general nature-y stuff ^_^

I really wanted to do this my with bird cage rather than the lantern again, but I was going on my own and had enough to carry anyway without a massive birdcage. I was dubious about setting the smoke off, as I hadn’t realised how close these woods are to a golf course and I could hear some men talking, and see another man mowing the grass! It turns out that this smoke isn’t quite as bad as I’d anticipated, mainly because my only other experience with it was in a house where it was quite condensed. Glad that I eventually decided to bit the bullet and light it, though I am now out of smoke stuff until the other bath I ordered comes through the post.

Sadly though, day 16 also means that it is back to work tomorrow however there isn’t long to go until the next holiday!

I’ve also ordered a new prop which I am so so so excited about *flails arms about*.

Bluebell woods

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