Crocus (& more from Skye)

Crocus // 20 02 16

It’s rained a lot today, on and off. I’ve spent a lot of the day using Photoshop (But not editing pictures) and then as I was editing today’s shot I decided to have a look back on some of the Isle of Skye photos. I found a few that I had exported but not uploaded so I decided to upload those.

Can’t believe we’ve been back a week. It really was the most beautiful place!
Norway has got stiff competition (We’re off to Norway in July)

Bamburgh - Just before sunrise


Fairy Pools

View from Quiraing, Skye Rain, rain, go away...


In The Rain

In the Rain // 30 01 16

Today started off as a lovely day. However we had things to do so taking this weeks photo for my “Changing Seasons” project got pushed back to being an afternoon activity. As it turns out it started to snow just as I was setting off, but I’d got no choice but to go out anyway as the next week starts tomorrow, and I didn’t have a shot. And the sun was setting in an hour. Woo! Lesson learnt; don’t leave it so late! Here are some more zoo shots from Chester Zoo last weekend, because why not.




No more left to give

No more left to give // 16 01 15

I’ve had this shot in mind for a while. It’s not in my original plans for the series, nor even in the revised “add in” sketches, but I fell like it fits.

After walking through the woods she has ended up veering from the path she originally followed and has collapsed amongst the leaves and fallen branches; she has nothing left to give.
She lies there, asleep, throughout the night and as dawn begins to break she begins to stir.


Reflections // 10 01 1602 // 52

We (kB and I) have decided that as part of my Project 52 we will go on a walk once a month (at least) to a different place each time and then go for a pub lunch.

Even though last weekend we went out for photo number 1 in the series, we decided to go out again this weekend. Mainly because I was going to go out anyway, and I think kB wanted a pub lunch. Besides we didn’t go out after we’d shot last weeks photo as we were a bit damp so we just came straight home.

The pub we went to is called The Norfolk Arms, and I think we got there at just about the right time as people couldn’t get a seat about 10 minutes after we had ordered. We’ve driven past this pub loads of times, but it was the first time we’ve been inside it.
kB ordered a New York Deli burger and I have a mushroom thing, as the soup of the day was Carrot and Coriander, and I don’t like coriander.
Anywhoo it was very nice and as I pointed out to kB on the way home this time next week the walk and pub location will be in Loch Lomond as we’ll be half way to Skye!


Desolation of Winter

Desolation of Winter // 05 01 16

This is the second in my series to work on this year. It was originally supposed to be a full portrait, but it lacked the intensity I wanted. If I’m going to be honest my face isn’t too good for moody close ups, and let’s face it I’m no model! haha, but I quite like this closer crop.
It does kind of mess with my original plan that all photos in this series should be the same dimensions, but I suppose that would be quite limiting anyway, and I should really go with what looks and feel right.

I had no intentions to shoot this today, but I got my sketch book out and realised in terms of the story it makes more sense to have it second than third. Originally I had planned to wait until the weekend, but as it had been raining and there is loads of space in the living room as the side board is still behind the settee from Christmas I decided to shoot today as I was planning on washing in my hair anyway.

After tea I donned the dress I’m wearing for the first part of the series and went out into my garden to collect mud, leaves and twigs. I mixed the mud (From one of my plant pots) with some tap water to get the right consistency, and I dried the leaves off with a hair dryer. I then pinned various foliage in my hair, and rubbed some of the mud on my face, neck and hair. I was hoping that by the time I’d set up the camera and tripod the mud would be a bit more dry (Luckily it was!)

Getting my eyes in focus is always tricky when I’m doing close ups like this, but I managed to get them in focus in most of the shots. Ironic that this was one of the few times where I managed to get my eyes in perfect focus and then ended up cropping them out anyway.

None the less this is shot number 2 of my ‘In Isolation’ series done. I have technically taken and edited shot 3, but I’m not 100% sure on it, and I think I am going to try to reshoot it at the weekend. I don’t dislike the image that I have created, I’m just not sure the body language is quite right in it. I might be over thinking it though, as when I opened it up tonight I instantly thought it worked as a follow on picture. It’s not like there is a rush though, so I think that I am going to reshoot and see which I prefer. I’m not used to this kind of luxury in my photography!

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather //  30 12 15
364 // 365

It was predicted to rain all day today, but this morning it was just spitting and really windy. So I went out and took a photo.

I’m now going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out how to make a short video of all 5 years of my Project 365 shots…

Winter sunset

Winter III // 28 12 15 362 // 365

I’m stuck in that strange Xmas limbo where I’m fed up of eating and drinking, but this is the only time of the year where such yummy food and drink is fair game and so I feel like I should eat as much as possible whilst I can 😛Sunset


Snowdrops // 16 02 15047 // 365
Today it rained in the morning, but then brightened up a bit in the afternoon. So we decided to go and see the snowdrops at Hodsocks Priory. We had a nice stroll around the snowdrop walk and the gardens for an hour ish, then came home.
Tomorrow the weather looks quite nice indeed, so I think we are going to Newstead Abbey. It’s weird kB being off with me!

Danbo came out and about too and he enjoyed exploring the different things ^_^


The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield // 08 02 15039 // 365

This morning I went to the Botanical Gardens with some photo peeps and went squirrel hunting. Which, I think it is fair to say, was more difficult than we thought it would be…. 😛
Some lovely light about, which I suppose is one of the benefits of winter! And the temperature was in double figures! woop!

A nice morning, even if we did have to wait half an hour for a pot of tea!!

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