Black Tulip

Black Tulip // 06 05 14126 // 365

The black tulip (or at least my black tulips) are not black, but instead are a really deep rich purple colour. They always flower last of all of my tulips. I really love tulips!

Drip drip drop // 25 03 14
084 // 365

Today it has been a long day (at work). My hips and knees have been really bad too.
It has also rained all day.
Miserable day all round then!

I just stopped by for a drink

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Original idea fell through. I have a tiny head. Shrunken almost. Or massive arms… Or perspective. : P
So please instead enjoy this shot of a fly. First fry at focus stacking.

Back at school today, eight long weeks until the next holibob :’ (

Refracted Tulips

First time I’ve tried doing this. I’m not overwhelmed with the results, but it is also the first time I’ve tried something new this year and I shouldn’t expect to get things spot on first time.

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