Raindrops // 18 11 15
322 // 365

I had just about got the timings down on this when my camera battery decided to run out. In hindsight a tripod would have been a better option but in all honesty I couldn’t be bothered to clear the kitchen table…

Drip drip drop

Drip drip drop // 19 05 15

139 // 365

‘How nice those water droplets look on the washing line’ I thought to myself as I was making my breakfast this morning. So I took the opportunity to give them a quick snap.

Water drops on a Poinsettia

Water drops on a Poinsettia // 19 12 14353 // 365

Every year I struggle to get a decent shot of a poinsettia plant, so this year I thought I’d try to add some interest with a water drop (or two). Do I think it’s particularly a more interesting shot? No… Not really! But ho hum, another one in the bag

Winter rose

Winter rose // 13 11 14317 // 365

Sleeping on an air bed with a slow puncture = not cool. Especially when your boyfriend wakes you up at 2am to blow it up again. Bought a new air bed today, new bed will be here tomorrow.

Coneflower and Tramlines

Tramlines // 27 07 14207 // 365

Super quick shot taken on my compact as I was going into town for Sheffield’s annual Tramline festival. Although this year the trams weren’t running through the town centre due to maintenance work…

Coneflower // 27 07 14

208 // 365

Went to my mum and dad’s for a brief visit just to snap this coneflower 😛

After last nights festivities we didn’t get in until 2/3 o’clock, and I managed to lie in until 12 which is practically unheard of as I’m normally up really early!

Name unknown

Name Unknown // 04 06 14

155 // 365

I have so many flowers in my back garden and I don’t know what they are called. I bought them because they looked pretty, and didn’t read the label! This is one such flower.

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