Little Jellyfish

074 // 365

Today I went to London.
It was a glorious day in terms of weather and I have taken too many pictures (well only about 100 as quite a few of textures, so actually I’m not as bad as I thought on hindsight). I went to the Tower of London, on a boat ride and to the Sea Life Centre.
It was a really bad day in terms of legs. My hips went first and I couldn’t walk properly, then my knees went.
My hips messing up is a new thing, and I’m not best pleased with it (obviously, I’m only 28!) but I tried to not let it get the best of me. I did let it get to me though, because I could not shake the question in the back of my mind – what if this is what it’s like from now on. I’m 28 and I struggle to walk places if I have to walk quickly, too far, or go up and down too much. Today was walking far and going up and down stairs I think. I hope my legs/hips/knees are better tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath, my hips are still aching now and I’ve been sat down since 630.

There will be more photos tomorrow, but this will do for now.

Race to the finish line

070 // 365

I am so tired. I am also fed up of people who are rude.
The world would be a much happier place if people were just nice to one another.

Into the abyss043 // 365

This is how my head feels today.
I am suffering from a bit of ‘man flu’ so woe is me etc. However, it is Wednesday evening, and soon it will be Friday when I pick up my new car (hurray!)

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