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Busy times : )

Condolence // 28 11 13
Condolence // 28 11 13 — 332 // 365
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I am long overdue a proper update on here. I decided to stop posting pictures up each day and focus on a blog entry maybe once a week. Then as I fell out of the habit of updating it, I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging altogether.

I shall attempt to cover all the bases starting from where I left off…

Thursday – I was asked to photograph a local gig night. Most of the pictures are on my Facebook page here although this is ‘Photo of the Day’.
Rob, Setsudan // 21 11 13

The day after post I went to the zoo with work. There are perks to the job and being paid to take children to the zoo is one of them – especially when they are 14/15 and so can walk around the zoo without supervision. Managed to grab a few shots of the various animals.
Mother and Baby // 22 11 13That evening I went and shot a black tie Christmas event for the TA, so it was a very busy day and I don’t think I stopped until 10pm!

Saturday we spent a lot of the day out, and we went out for dinner; then we had a later tea and watched quite a few episodes of Breaking Bad. Nice relaxing day.
Salt and pepper Soft shell crab // 23 11 13

On Sunday I met some family in the Botanical Gardens in town and did a mini photoshoot. Again the pictures of that are on Facebook, but I found this lovely Japanese Acer tree which had turned a delightful colour so did a shot under that.
In autumn's glory // 24 11 13

On Saturday, after going out for dinner, we went to the Oriental supermarket across the road from the restaurant. I had originally gone in with the intention of buying mushrooms but instead came out with a rather large pomegranate. Most certainly the biggest pomegranate I have ever seen!
The Offering // 25 11 13

Red Chrysanthemum // 26 11 13

I then needed to obtain some prints (news of which shall be announced at the weekend!) so got my good friend Mr C to use his magical printing powers – then I popped round to his abode to collect said prints, and do a quick Movember shoot to show off his ‘tashe.
Movember // 27 11 13

Which, I think, brings us pretty much up to date so far. There are some exciting things in the pipe line, but I don’t like to mention them until they have happened. Hopefully there will be two updates this weekend with news in them – there is also a trip to the Bakewell Christmas market this weekend to look forward too… and the opening for Advent Calendars 😀

Twycross Zoo

Sometimes being a teacher has its perks. Today I got to take 24 pupils to Twycross Zoo.
The zoo has changed a lot since I was last there, which was at a guess about 4 years ago. However one thing which me really happy was the fact they are getting lions soon and this time the otters were actually out!

The gift shop/cafe had a snow leopard enclosure attached to it which was really nice – although conversations were really disjointed as people were talking to each other whilst staring out of the window and each time the leopards did anything conversation stopped, hehehe

This owl was part of one of the new sections at the zoo, as were the pelicans below.

Otters on parade!

And a couple of autumn shots which I took whilst I was there : )