Fragmented // 16 05 15

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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost // 29 04 15

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It was raining this morning, but I went out to shoot anyway!

September Sunsets

September Sunsets // 09 09 14252 // 365

Sometimes photography inspiration strikes at the worst times. Today it was as I was eating my breakfast/getting ready for work; it was a bad time because I didn’t really have time to write anything down.
As I was driving to work I saw that this field had been rolled into bales of hay, which I got a bit excited about as I hadn’t realised I was going to happen and I thought I’d missed out on the opportunity to shoot bales of hay this year. A lot of farmers were baling their hay up during the middle of August, which is when we were at the festival/on holiday.
I had an idea for today, to compliment my new task of creating more themes, but I’ve put it on hold until tomorrow. When I got to work I managed to grab 10 minutes to write down all of my ideas, and I became increasingly excited as I saw an entire series take shape.

Conflicting desires

075 // 365

Today I went a little bit viral on Tumblr.
I also, took this photo and did a family photoshoot.
It was a bit of a mixed day really.
My legs/hips/knees felt like utter poo this morning, but now they feel better.

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