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Iceland – Day 3

The third day was the day I was most excited about; lots of waterfalls! We had to getup pretty early as we had a lot further to drive on this day, and it was still pitch black as we went to our first stop; the lava centre.


The first waterfall we went to was Seljalandsfoss. The group pretty much ran around it, I don’t think I’ve ever had to take photos so fast before. This is also when I found out that my tripod head was well and truly broken.


The day before everyone else had gone into the secret lagoon, and I’d opted to stay out and edit photos. It was whilst I was here that I noticed that my tripod head wouldn’t lock into place, so I asked the coach driver of he had a screwdriver or something I could use to try and fix it. He did, and I thought I had, however when it came to trying to lock the head in place at the waterfall I realised that I had, in fact, not fixed it at all.


We went from this waterfall to the black sand beaches at Vik. The sun was rising at the point and the light was just delicious.


The tide was pretty far in at the beach and the waves were ferocious.

Black Sand Beach

Finally, we ended up at Skógafoss at sunset.

Skógafoss at sunset

Iceland – Day 2


On the second day of Iceland; we did the Golden Circle tour which is something I’ve done before.

Mountain Gullfoss

The last time I went to Gullfoss you couldn’t walk down to the bottom, so it was cool that this was open this time! It was pretty busy, you could tell that this was the tourist hotspot compared to the places we’d been the day before.

Geyser Gullfoss


_DSF6985-Edit-Edit Way back in August I went to Grindelwald, Switzerland. The weather was super hot and sunny the entire time we were there; which was great apart from the fact all of the waterfalls had dried up. _DSF7060-Edit Unfortunatly this happened such a long time again I no longer know what happened on what day, so instead you are just going to get a photo dump of mainly cows and mountains. _DSF6780-Edit I do know that the view from the hotel was epic, and that I’ve never been on as many gondelas in my life. Project 365 - 25 August 2022 The public transport in Switzerland is on point, and as someone who gets really nervous around getting on trains this was super! I’d paid extra to go first class on the journey to and from the airport and this was awesome too. _DSF6714-Edit Grindelwald itself was nice; we were there right at the very end of August so at the end of the season and it wasn’t too busy. I bet it gets really busy there though, as everything is so easily accessible by train or gondela. _DSF6818-Edit

Northern Ireland – Cushendun

Caves The first full day of our mini trip was forecast to have the best weather. In the run up to the holiday, I did my usual compulsive weather checking and it kept getting sunnier and sunnier. Now sun is all well and good, but it’s not always good for my style of photography.

When we woke up it was overcast and cloudy, but as the day went on, the cloud dispersed leaving with a pretty clear sky by the time it was afternoon.Cushendun

In the morning we left our B&B and made the short drive to Cushendun. It was only about 5 mins away, and when we got there we were pretty much the only people there.
As we were leaving though it was really busy. I think it might be one of the stop offs on the Game of Thrones tours as the scene where Melisandre gives birth to the shadow thing was filmed there.

As we were leaving on the last day the lady who runs our B&B was showing us the health and safety checks HBO had done before allowing filming at the caves. Apparently they had rented out all of the B&Bs near by, one of which had to have a room which needed to be kept at a constant temperature so the shadow baby thing didn’t deform!

The long road home

The long road home // 27 10 14300 // 365

I can’t believe we’re in the 300’s! We really are in the back half of the year now.
I’ve had a busy day; I more or less raced to the railway line (disused of course) to snap this because it said it was going to get sunny (it never did). I took my mum out shopping as she’s not allowed to drive yet after her foot op, then did some boring house chores… Now it’s time for swimming!