Into the distance

Into the distance // 02 04 15

091 // 365

This was not the photo I had in mind today, but where I had originally tried to go (a abandoned factory) had had a new locked gate put up which I wasn’t expecting at it was only 30 mins to sunset so I had to make do!

Sense of hope

Sense of hope // 21 02 15

052 // 365

Parading around York made my hips play up, so when we got in this afternoon I went straight to bed.
They’ve been a bit dodgy all afternoon, so I think I really need to get on with building my leg muscles back up – so back to the exercise tomorrow.

It’s just so easy to not do it…


Lumos // 05 01 15005 // 365

I think Danbo was ready for us to go back to work so he could get up to more mischief around the house. I think he might have been watching too much Harry Potter…


Lost. // 22 12 14356 // 365

It is supposed to be raining today, but it is not so off I went with Flopsy.
Then I went to my mums – she was all done up because she’s since gone to a wedding, and now I’m going to plug my laptop in, and redo my website. Exciting first day off 😉

Firework fun times

Firework funtimes // 01 11 14

305 // 365

In the UK it is bonfire night on Wednesday. It’s a bit of a strange one is bonfire night, as you set things on fire to celebrate someone (Guy Fawkes) not blowing up the Houses of Parliament. But anyway. Pretty fireworks yey! ^_^ Danbo was having fun

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