Into the distance

Into the distance // 02 04 15

091 // 365

This was not the photo I had in mind today, but where I had originally tried to go (a abandoned factory) had had a new locked gate put up which I wasn’t expecting at it was only 30 mins to sunset so I had to make do!

Sense of hope

Sense of hope // 21 02 15

052 // 365

Parading around York made my hips play up, so when we got in this afternoon I went straight to bed.
They’ve been a bit dodgy all afternoon, so I think I really need to get on with building my leg muscles back up – so back to the exercise tomorrow.

It’s just so easy to not do it…


Lumos // 05 01 15005 // 365

I think Danbo was ready for us to go back to work so he could get up to more mischief around the house. I think he might have been watching too much Harry Potter…


Lost. // 22 12 14356 // 365

It is supposed to be raining today, but it is not so off I went with Flopsy.
Then I went to my mums – she was all done up because she’s since gone to a wedding, and now I’m going to plug my laptop in, and redo my website. Exciting first day off 😉

Firework fun times

Firework funtimes // 01 11 14

305 // 365

In the UK it is bonfire night on Wednesday. It’s a bit of a strange one is bonfire night, as you set things on fire to celebrate someone (Guy Fawkes) not blowing up the Houses of Parliament. But anyway. Pretty fireworks yey! ^_^ Danbo was having fun

And then the rain came down

And then the rain came down // 07 06 14158 // 365

Today the weather has been very strange. It has gone through super heavy rain, normal rain, brilliant sunshine, showers…

The weather report said the weather was supposed to be really bad all day, but it cleared up around tea time and after tea I managed to go outside and shoot this on the field next at the end of my road. Unfortunately quite literally just as I was setting up it started to rain again. I ended up putting my jacket over my camera and shooting about 7 shots before walking home again!

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