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Textures and Fallen leaves

Textures and fallen leaves // 24 10 14297 // 365

Very quick shot today whilst I was in a pub with my friends waiting for tea. After work we went straight to the pub to celebrate a birthday, then went back to her house for surprise cake! I nipped out for a couple of mins whilst we were waiting for tea to be served and grabbed this.

Make yourself at home

Make yourself at home // 13 10 14
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I went to sleep last night with a headache, and when I woke up this morning I still had a headache; but other than that I felt fine. Then, just as I was about to leave for work I became ill, then I had a nose bleed (ebola anyone) so I’ve ended up having the day off work. I’ve mainly super glued myself to my laptop in bed and just tried to take my mind off my sore muscles and tummy ache.

As well as that it’s pretty much rained all day. So I dashed outside with some scissors and snipped this Japanese Anemone off of the plant. I was over joyed to see when I turned it up to look inside the flower that there was a little ladybird having a nap! As the flower dried out and warmed up he woke up and wandered around a bit. Since then he seems to have flown off so I’ve no idea where he is now.

Of double exposures

Of double exposures // 30 09 14273 // 365

I knew I wanted to do this shot yesterday as soon as the other one came out. What I didn’t want to do was do it so soon after the first one.
As it turns out I have a massive headache, the shot I did earlier in the day didn’t work out and I just couldn’t really think of anything else to do. Maybe it was me secretly really wanting to do this shot, but despite having a sunflower which I’ve not photographed on the back garden and the lilies from yesterday in a vase on the windowsill neither really appealed to me.

On a side note I went out to the woods behind my school and I found a moped which had been taken apart and all of the parts neatly placed apart from the engine which was no where to be found. Weird.

Anywhoo that is September done with 🙂

Of lillies and portraits

Of lilies and portraits // 29 09 14272 // 365

I’m not particularly keen on having my portrait taken; for me I think it alters the dynamic of the shot to have my face in it (I’m talking in terms of my photography here, not just general shots) but I tried various angles and felt this one was the best.

This has been on my to-do list for a while; it’s a multiple exposure shot and most of the image was taken in camera. I monochromed it and altered some of the shadows / highlights but it was a easy shot to do. I’m not overwhelmed with my portrait, but it’s swimming night and I don’t really have any more time to reshoot it, so it is what it is!

Japanese Anemones

Japanese Anemones

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I’m not too sure when these popped up in my garden, but judging by the state of the petals it might have been a while ago. I only noticed them yesterday though; they are a late summer flower and they’ve been in my mum’s garden for a couple of months now but only just come out in mine : )