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Sense of hope

Sense of hope // 21 02 15

052 // 365

Parading around York made my hips play up, so when we got in this afternoon I went straight to bed.
They’ve been a bit dodgy all afternoon, so I think I really need to get on with building my leg muscles back up – so back to the exercise tomorrow.

It’s just so easy to not do it…

Feelings of trepidation

Feelings of trepidation // 27 09 14270 // 365

Today there was a little robin on my back garden, I tried to get a shot of him but I didn’t have time to set my tripod up. I hope he sticks around for a while so I can snap him!

This shot is another one in a little (almost complete) series I am working on called Overrun. You can see the other two shots in this series here on Flickr.