Tea for one

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I worked out today (for no particular reason) that today is day 1117. That is a lot of days to have taken a picture for. Three and a bit years sounds like a long time, but 1117 days sounds like forever.

Feeling a bit out of touch with my photography for the last two days. I always find these winter months hard post Christmas. Too dark in a morning to shoot, too dark when I get in from work to shoot, and I feel like I have shot everything in the house before.
I’m sure it will pass though, especially as I am going away for the weekend on Friday ^_^ and(!) the excitement of it being my birthday on Thursday might spur me on towards the back of the week!

Wizard Eyes

I’d originally planned on a shot involving trees. Only to go and photograph some trees and realise that my idea was probably outside the realms of photography and more in the realms of digital art.
As we were going to the OH’s parents for tea I decided to rope his dad into posing for me, as he has a wizards beard.
Ironically he doesn’t drink tea.
The title for this photo came from a passing comment and me and kB linking it back to Adventure Time

Afternoon Tea

Went to a factory outlet place with my mum and dad, and bought things from the Bench and Denby shops :-B
Then we had afternoon tea.
I’ve decided I need to figure out manual focusing more (it’s something I’ve always struggled with) so I’m going to be using my 50mm lens more because it’s manual focus only!

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