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So, this Christmas holidays are here! No more work for two whole weeks! woop woop!
Today I went to visit my grandad who has been poorly but is now out of hospital. I had decided I was shooting this shot, but I didn’t anticipate my grandma having a much better teapot that I had brought with me, so I abandoned mine and went with hers.
On the way home there was a glorious sunset but I was driving and the view in front of the sunset wasn’t inspiring so I didn’t snap it. It has made me want to try for sunsets whilst I am off though! ^_^

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Went to a factory outlet place with my mum and dad, and bought things from the Bench and Denby shops :-B
Then we had afternoon tea.
I’ve decided I need to figure out manual focusing more (it’s something I’ve always struggled with) so I’m going to be using my 50mm lens more because it’s manual focus only!

One more magic potion

*insert Ensiferum lyrics here*

This was actually a lot harder than I’d anticipated. Much harder than the rose shot. After much trial and error I seemed to be getting decent smoke from both the pot and the mug, and lighting was OKish. I think that I should probably have saved this shot for next Tuesday (it’s half term).