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Restricted vision

Restricted vision // 25 04 14115 // 365

Day 14 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 13: My mum and dad’s spare room, UK

Sometimes I have an idea, and even though the weather conditions are not right, or I feel poorly, I get so swept up and giddy by the idea that I have to carry it out there and then.

Smoke was today’s idea. I’ve been toying with the idea of using smoke for a while, but I’ve never quite managed to get around to doing anything about it. Until today. After a bit of internetting, I found that I could get some smoke from a shop a 15 minute drive from me. So despite the fact it was chucking it down with rain, despite the fact I felt like poo and had had a really bad headache and felt sick all morning off I went.

Now I knew I couldn’t use the smoke outside because it was raining (although now it’s stopped raining!) so I had to think of somewhere where I could use it inside. I decided that as my brother was at work, and my mum and dad were on holiday their spare room was a good place to go and play. Needless to say they produce quite a lot of smoke, but I managed to not set off the smoke alarm.

I ordered some more smoke of Amazon, but still have some left. Excited to think up a big idea where I can use it outside next 😀

Of deepest torment

Of deepest torment035 // 365

I’ve not really been feeling myself these last two days. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches at work and by the time I’ve gotten home I’m fed up. By the time I’ve cooked tea I have got my PJs on. More than sure it will pass soon and that I just need some time to myself and a lie in 🙂

Lemons, pine cones and bad backs

Lemons, pine cones and bad backs

311 // 365
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Last Saturday me and kB went to an all day indoor mini festival kind of thing, we’d only really gone because I wanted to see Rotting Christ but we ended up not stopping until the end because we both had bad backs.
My bad back has remained since then….

312 // 365

Terrible day at work. Migraine, felt sick, eye felt like it was going to pop out of my head, and the bad back decided to rear it’s ugly head again. It hadn’t really gone all week, but it felt like it was getting better. But no, not today. Felt like Quasimodo and sitting, standing or laying down made no difference. Pain killers took some of the edge off of it but didn’t kill it. The back pain might be to do with my bad posture due to my knees/ligaments… Lovely!

313 // 365

Just a homage to my bad back : |
Today though I did manage to get my pictures hung up in a cafe in Stocksbridge. The cafe is called CoffeeApple Cafe, and my pictures will be up for about 8 weeks during which time they will be for sale – £25 each : )
The inside of the cafe is really nice, loved the tables and chairs (old looking) and at the same it was still modern (iPads and Mac’s connected up the internet around the outside). The staff were really friendly, and gave us a free drink whilst I decided which images to hang up and the order to put them in, you can see what it looks like on my Facebook page if you are interested!

Never alone

Never alone

264 // 365
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I hate it when it’s a weekend and your alarm is not set but you wake up early anyway even though you have been stupidly tired all week. This morning I woke up at 730. I laid there for a bit, then ideas came popping into my head. This was one of them, the idea that you should always have your own back.
I know some people are their own worst enemy, but if you can’t rely on yourself then who can you rely on?
: )
Happy weekend folks!



252 // 365
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This was one of those “that’ll be easy” shots which turned out to be a nightmare.
Original shot cancelled due to rain and the fact I am so tired, so I figured this represented how I feel – problem, we don’t have much “clear” wall space in our house, and lighting was crap due to positioning of various unmovable objects.