Beware! Flying saucers!

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Lazy Friday night shot. I had planned an epic levitation but then when it came round to it I was too cold, felt a bit ill and generally could not be bothered.

320 // 365 – Beware! Flying Saucers!

Another lateish shot; due to being busy in the morning then having a massive nap in the afternoon :’ )
I do love  good nap.


3 day update

Day 1: Jagermeister Tour. Only really went to see Gojira. It was good.

Day 2: Enslaved @ Corporation. It was even better.

Day 3: So tired. Defiantly due an early night.


Soooooooo Christmas – YEAH!

I was spoilt rotten this year, I got tonnes of great presents! It was a very busy time Sunday, Monday as we prepped everything for Christmas Day, but in the end it went off smoothly. Today we’re relaxing and sorting out places to put our presents and I’m playing on Minecraft (my friend from work bought it me :-P).

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