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Today it was supposed to chuck it down with rain and be really windy all day. In actual fact it was quite all right in the morning/early afternoon; it was overcast and somewhat windy, but that’s OK by me.

I’ve had this shot in mind for a while now, but the sunflowers were something which came to mind when I realised that the conditions today were ideal for shooting it. I really, really love sunflowers – I have three tattooed on my leg quite large after all!

Laying like that proved to be more difficult that I had initially imagined, and I felt myself thinking “this would be so much easier if you had a model!” but there we go. I really like this shot.
To me it symbolises a hope through adveristy; even though you are broken you can focus on the positives, get back on your feet and fix yourself. Regardless of the obstacles if you persevere you will get there.

In the afternoon I went to my grandma and grandad’s; they have the best garden for autumn – loads of fruit : D



Trying to get the last of Surrealist June out of my system…

Going to photograph Slamfest at the weekend for Rotherham Arts Council,

Down in the garden

My friend got quite excited about one of my shots where I had shrunk myself down and insisted that she be shrunk down somewhere.
I told her that she could choose where she wanted to be shrunk down to, but it had to follow my project rules (all pictures taken by me on the same day) – she did suggest that I put her in the mouth of a crocodile until I pointed out we might struggle with that….

Down in the forest

I made a commission on one of my shots the other week so decided, after much deliberation, to spend it on a fisheye lens. I was considering a UWA but went with a fisheye in the end, figured it suits my current style better, and this is the kind of style I want to work with more.

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