Of unpredictable days

Of unpredictable days // 19 07 14

200 // 365

Today I was woken up at 6am by the rain. It was so heavy I wasn’t sure I would manage to get back to sleep. I did though (unsurprisingly!) and when I woke up it was still raining. It rained pretty heavily all day and there was a thunder storm too. After tea it cleared up and it was sunny with clear skies!

I decided I wanted to get out, as the internet was still down (boo!) and I hadn’t taken a picture yet. So out we went, counting slugs as we wandered down a path at the local nature reserve. As soon as I set up to take a photo, a big insect came and start sucking my blood! Just my luck, although this year I’ve done really well with not getting many insect bites. Last year I was quite literally covered in them.

Anyway, the internet seems to be back up now but it’s too unstable so I think we’re going to swap to another provider.

In totally unrelated news though I now fit into the shorts I’ve been trying to squeeze myself into for the last two months! 😀 Still got another 2 and a half weeks before the festival so going to carry on with the exercise and what not, but I had a nice time prancing around in them this morning 😛

Reach for the impossible

Reach for the impossible // 10 07 14191 // 365

Today a large number of people have been on strike in the UK. I fully support the strike, but I was not in a union which was striking so I had to go in to work. Took this on my break and started editing it on my lunch; it’s amazing what you can get done in your breaks when there are no pupils around! 🙂


Perspective // 01 07 14182 // 365

I am such a dork.
I bought helium to blow up balloons. kB was at first annoyed, then intregued, then came to accept that there will be a fairly large helium container in our house for the next couple of months.
Rather stupidly I’d forgotten to factor in the wind, and was too over-joyed with my floaty balloon to not go outside and shoot the shot I had dreamed up. So it turned out that for this shot I didn’t need helium at all, but whatevs. We had fun running around the field with a balloon.
Sometimes I do wonder how I got to be this cool at 28.

Do what makes you happy kids!
(Even if that is running around in your gym wear on a field surrounded by houses with your boyfriend, giggling and pulling a helium filled balloon  behind you. Live. The Dream. :-P)

Of things that flutter

Of things that flutter // 27 05 14147 // 365

I used to be really scared of butterflies. Then one day I decided to go to the butterfly house with my friend. And since that day I’ve been OK with them. Even if they land on me ^_^

Photo 2 in my ‘Overcoming Fears’ series (see the series so far here on Flickr).


Bewildered // 01 05 14121 // 365

Today it was misty. The mist kind of never went away, but it came back about tea time-ish. By this time I was in the peak district (countryside, so the mist is thicker) with my friend. This pleases me because I was wanting a shot in the mist the last time we had loads of smog, but I never made it out in it!


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