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Smoke signals

Smoke signals // 20 05 15140 // 365

I really want to try to get some more landscape shots in next week whilst I’m off. I seem to have got the hang of the ‘quick 5 minute shoot before work’ and I think I need to broaden my horizons, so to speak. Can’t remember the last time I shot a landscape… Possible at Easter when we went to Thor’s Cave?


Untitled // 20 12 14354 // 365

So, this Christmas holidays are here! No more work for two whole weeks! woop woop!
Today I went to visit my grandad who has been poorly but is now out of hospital. I had decided I was shooting this shot, but I didn’t anticipate my grandma having a much better teapot that I had brought with me, so I abandoned mine and went with hers.
On the way home there was a glorious sunset but I was driving and the view in front of the sunset wasn’t inspiring so I didn’t snap it. It has made me want to try for sunsets whilst I am off though! ^_^

The sense of adventure in misty mornings

The sense of adventure in misty mornings // 16 10 14289 // 365

I love autumn (or fall). I’m pretty sure I’ve said this at least 3408320482309 times, but once more can’t hurt, right?
There is nothing better than a bit of heavy mist to start off your morning, especially when the sun burns through it for a glorious sunrise. It’s just a shame that I had to go to work, and wasn’t somewhere more scenic… Having said that unless I was getting up before dawn anyway I would have missed it, so swings and roundabouts I suppose!

Misty autumnal mornings for me are just magical, and we seem to have had lots of them over the last month. I promised myself that I would get up earlier ‘just in case’ but it never happened! Until this morning when I saw it was misty and magically managed to chuck myself around the house and be ready in 5 mins, giving me 10 mins spare to go and take a photo. I suppose it’s quite lucky that there is this patch of grass next to my house. When we were looking for houses it was a bit of a negative (maybe kids would hang around there and be drunk), but it’s turned out to be pretty useful for my photos, and over the years it’s been used as a go to place when I want an open space with trees in the background.

What did make me laugh this morning though was as I was setting up and frolicking* around a man came to walk his dogs on the field. He was stood there kind of looking at me, then I turned to do something with my camera, noticed him looking at me and he walked off – I guess his dogs didn’t need walking that badly after all 😉

*I realised last night that for some reason whenever I’m with my camera I kind of run on my tiptoes and half skip. Like a crazy lady.

The Comfort of Home

The comfort of home // 02 10 14275 // 365

Today I have another stupid headache. After work I had to drive to pick some things up from the shops, and I just wanted to be home curled up under a blanket on the settee with a cup of tea.

Instead of spending my evening like this I am going to attempt to go swimming instead. Because that’s the most sensible thing to do when you have a headache…

Pessimistically optimistic

Pessimistically optimistic // 12 09 14255 // 365

Another week down, another weekend is here. Getting up early tomorrow morning to try to take another part of a series I am working on.
This image is another one in the series, each image links the previous one to the next one.

Of the captivating colours of autumn

Of the captivating colours of autumn // 07 09 14250 // 365

Working on themes, this is another one which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but had to wait until the right time of year! This was taken in the Park District, Derbyshire, England. Where there is somewhat of an abundance of heather. I love heather, it is so pretty! ^-^

Of unpredictable days

Of unpredictable days // 19 07 14

200 // 365

Today I was woken up at 6am by the rain. It was so heavy I wasn’t sure I would manage to get back to sleep. I did though (unsurprisingly!) and when I woke up it was still raining. It rained pretty heavily all day and there was a thunder storm too. After tea it cleared up and it was sunny with clear skies!

I decided I wanted to get out, as the internet was still down (boo!) and I hadn’t taken a picture yet. So out we went, counting slugs as we wandered down a path at the local nature reserve. As soon as I set up to take a photo, a big insect came and start sucking my blood! Just my luck, although this year I’ve done really well with not getting many insect bites. Last year I was quite literally covered in them.

Anyway, the internet seems to be back up now but it’s too unstable so I think we’re going to swap to another provider.

In totally unrelated news though I now fit into the shorts I’ve been trying to squeeze myself into for the last two months! 😀 Still got another 2 and a half weeks before the festival so going to carry on with the exercise and what not, but I had a nice time prancing around in them this morning 😛