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Day 8 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 8: Decoy Bomb Shelter, UK

In what was quite possibly the first time I have ever done it, today I took some ballet shoes with me to manoeuvre myself into position. When not frolicking bare foot in front of the camera, I’m normally stomping around in Dr Martens. Because I’ve loved DM’s for as long as I can remember and I own too many pairs…. The purple pair, the grey pair, the white pair, the black pair, the cherry blossom pair…. I have more but I’ll stop there, don’t want to look obsessed 😉 (Even though through typing about DMs I totally did not end up looking at them on the internet. That did not happen…)

Anywhoo, the purpose of the ballet pumps was because I wasn’t too sure what the state of the floor was going to be like. kB came with me and then proceeded to spook me by saying “Watch out for needles” (Of which I didn’t see or come across any so no worries!). I waddled across the floor and up the pile of rubble and perched at first because I wasn’t too comfortable sitting down; but then I got over that, took my shoes off and went for it!

Kudos for kB suggesting I block out the light rather than reaching for it, but minus points for him as he said the hand needed to be closer to my face. As I can’t see what I look like in camera I followed his instructions and took a few with my hand closer… Only to get home and see that the position of my hand totally blocked out any light on my face! So I had this shot or a reaching for the light shot to work with.

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Today it was supposed to chuck it down with rain and be really windy all day. In actual fact it was quite all right in the morning/early afternoon; it was overcast and somewhat windy, but that’s OK by me.

I’ve had this shot in mind for a while now, but the sunflowers were something which came to mind when I realised that the conditions today were ideal for shooting it. I really, really love sunflowers – I have three tattooed on my leg quite large after all!

Laying like that proved to be more difficult that I had initially imagined, and I felt myself thinking “this would be so much easier if you had a model!” but there we go. I really like this shot.
To me it symbolises a hope through adveristy; even though you are broken you can focus on the positives, get back on your feet and fix yourself. Regardless of the obstacles if you persevere you will get there.

In the afternoon I went to my grandma and grandad’s; they have the best garden for autumn – loads of fruit : D


When a book comes to life

This is nowhere near what I had in mind for today, but we went out for a walk and I came over all hot and ill feeling so we went home.
I’d taken about 3 shots with my fisheye lens whilst out, wasn’t happy with them on their own so set out in Photoshop. Had the idea to photograph an open book and combine the two and here we are.


Surrealist June is over, so the pressure is off.
Apparently this means that I wont be able to stop taking and editing unusual shots.

Oh well.

My external hard drive is now totally full, which is a bummer!

Catching clouds

This marks the end of “surrealist June”. I’m proud that I’ve managed to complete this for a whole month, and I’ve really enjoyed it however it’s too much to do every single day what with work and having a life (occasionally). Glad I’ve stuck to it and succeeded in my month target though.

There are a lot of shots I’ve taken this month which I have been proud of, and this is something that I am going to carry on doing, just not every single day.

Welcome to July.
Also, I have green hair now. For the time being at least.

World of my own

I needed to go out for a walk this evening. Sometimes it just clears the head. It was raining quite hard for most of the later afternoon/early evening though, so it wasn’t looking likely. I waiting until after tea, then even though it was still drizzling decided to go out anyway.

Plan one was ruined as where I had intended to go was flooded; plan two was ruined because they had put up new fencing. Grrr.

This is another fisheye shot, just from when I was out there. I got soaked because the wild flowers/grass came up to my head in places (I’m fairly tall at 5 foot 10!) but it worked and I felt better for getting out of the house. kB says it is odd how we bought a house but I get cabin fever and want to get out; truth be told I have always been like this so it’s not odd for me at all.

The six week holidays are coming up quickly and they can’t get here fast enough. I am utterly fed up with work at the moment and need a break from it.

Down in the forest

I made a commission on one of my shots the other week so decided, after much deliberation, to spend it on a fisheye lens. I was considering a UWA but went with a fisheye in the end, figured it suits my current style better, and this is the kind of style I want to work with more.

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