After a bit of a turbulent week in terms of weather and house related things, I finally managed to get out of the house and shoot my sunflowers.

Sunflowers are my favourite flower of all.


Sunflower // 10 08 15

222 // 365

Been really tired today, it somehow took me 3 hours to sort my hair out this morning (Not because it was a massive mess, but instead because I was so tired I was just slooooooow)


Sunflower // 05 08 14217 // 365

Today me and kB are suffering the start of our ninth year together 😉

He bought me some pretty flowers, including this one, and we went out for sushi.

Cradling the future

262 // Cradling the future by Manadh
262 // Cradling the future, a photo by Manadh on Flickr.

262 // 365
facebook page.

I want to give my hand shots a series title but I can’t think of a name for them.
I’m so tired, I went to bed at 830 last night and could have slept on if my alarm hadn’t woken me up! I think it’s the six week holidays catching up with me as well as the fact it is so dark so early now. It’s even pretty dark when I get up in a morning now.
As much as I do love autumn, I don’t like how dark it gets!

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