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The pastel shades of summer

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Post 300 🙂

I have decided that this week I am going to spend less time editing and more time reading a book. Guardians of the Moon, book one of the Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson. I wanted to get  it finished by the time I go on holiday, and I’m less than half way into it with less than a week to go!

Of summers beauty

Of summers beauty

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This year for whatever reason I have neglected my garden. Ironic given that we have had a really good summer but there we go.
Last week I went to a garden centre with my mum and bough quite a number of flowers, including lillies, pansies, violas, fushias, and two others which I’m not 100% sure what they are. They were all reduced too 😀 Bonus!

I believe today’s picture might be of a chrysanthemum but I’m not sure, and I’ve no idea what the other flower is because it didn’t come with a label on it. Turns out this is a dahlia – thanks mum!

I’ve decided today to take a day off of big edits and ideas. Instead I focused on being outside photographing this flower (something which I haven’t done in ages!) and working on more textures.
It was lovely to be outside being literally behind the camera rather than using a remote shutter; and it was nice to not spend ages editing.
I did however try something new in Photoshop with levels, as recommended by a project 365 friend on Flickr, so I managed to get two new things in there. Something new in PS, new textures I made myself.
I have 11 of my own textures now : )

I’ve decided that this weeks images will all start with ‘of’ – sometimes I hold back from doing things because I think it’s pretentious but I’ve decided to not be bothered. It wasn’t a concious decision but when I realised that this was the third image in a row which started with an ‘of’ I might as well see if I can keep the theme up until the weekend.

There is a massive part of me which wants to spell it ‘ov’ Behemoth style, but I shall resist…

Only the best will do

Only the best will do

This was a bit too difficult to do in terms of being completely alone. Below where I was sat was brambles, so every time I wanted to get down I had to put my shoes on, and I needed to get down every time I chucked the flowers.
I’d envisioned my chucking arm being lower and the flowers being more falling, but it was warm and if I am going to be totally honest I got fed up quite quickly of putting my boots on, jumping down, carefully picking up the flowers, climbing back up, taking boots off – for every single shot.


It’s been really warm, but I think it’s the humidity which is what makes it uncomfortable. This year is different from all the recent summers for more than just the heat though, this year I’ve seen loads of butterflies and bees! 😀

Didn’t manage to snap a butterfly today though, but I did capture a ladybug and a buzzy bee


Catching clouds

Catching clouds

This marks the end of “surrealist June”. I’m proud that I’ve managed to complete this for a whole month, and I’ve really enjoyed it however it’s too much to do every single day what with work and having a life (occasionally). Glad I’ve stuck to it and succeeded in my month target though.

There are a lot of shots I’ve taken this month which I have been proud of, and this is something that I am going to carry on doing, just not every single day.

Welcome to July.
Also, I have green hair now. For the time being at least.