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Rest of the Wales shots

Clearly I forgot to publish this, so it will be a bit of a photo dump of the last couple of days whilst we were in Wales !

Today there are gale force winds in Wales. So naturally we decided to go up a mountain. Where it was really exposed. And there was no where to get away from the wind. Classic idea!

Fallen from Grace


The day after we went to Yyns Llanddwyn. This was a great little place to visit, and one of the highlights of the trip for me. Although nothing will beat the ship wrecked boats!

Yyns Llanddwyn Some more from the brickworks… Porth Wen Brickworks

The Old Brickworks, Porth Wen And from South Stack lighthouse South Stack

Day 10 – Bull’s Bay

Today was our first full day on Anglesey, and we set out to visit some bays on the opposite side of the island to where we are stopping.

Bulls Bay, Angelsey I had wanted to visit Dulas Bay, but I was tired and it was late afternoon so we came home and had a nap. That will have to be a trip for another day.By the Sea

This evening we had a nice enough sunset over the opposite side of the bay.

Trearddur Bay I like this house, it is a bit creepy! Trearddur Bay at Sunset

Wyming Brook

Wyming Brook

After a rather cold and miserable week I suggested to kB that we go out for a walk. The chosen location was Wyming Brook, which isn’t far from Rivelin Valley that I’ve been to before, but although I’ve probably been to Wyming before, it’s not a location I can remember going to. It’s not too far out of Sheffield city centre, and is just past where my grandma and grandad used to live.

Overlooking the Brook
There is a little (free) car park, and the route is quite nice and easy. It’s very rocky and up/down hill but we looped around the whole thing in about an hour and half.

Before stopping off for a beer (for kB) and a diet coke (for me), and driving home.
Close to the River

The girl in the red dress

The girl in the red dress // 15 07 15196 // 365

Normally on a Wednesday it is dancing time, but my mum couldn’t go because she had to go to the school disco (lol) so I took the opportunity to wash my hair and venture out. In a red dress. Which was strapless. With a massive split up the side.
Sometimes I really need to think through what I’m wearing and where I’m wearing it to.
Sometimes I need to think through “Is this purchase a practical photography dress purchase?”.
Sometimes (mainly) I just get sucked in because it is cheap.
Cheap and floaty.
Anyway, I got this in one shot and made it back without flashing a boob.
So it worked out OK in the end.

The anticipation of summer days (Sunrise at the Corn Field)

The anticipation of summer days // 03 08 14215 // 365

A nice early start today – sunrise was at 525. I went out for sunrise the other week and it was lovely and warm, quite refreshing in fact because the weather was really really warm. It was warm enough at 430 in the morning for me to be in a sun dress and not be cold (And given I am always cold this means it must have been fairly warm!)
This morning however was another story, I felt like I needed gloves on. I couldn’t wait to put my jumper back on despite the fact I was wearing a vest top and another top over it.

In my mind August always means summer, but in reality (in the UK at least) it always seems like June and July are nicer and warmer. For the first time I noticed that in August the leaves start to drop off the trees; in all my 27 years I had never notices that before!

Sunrise at the Corn Field

Coneflower and Tramlines

Tramlines // 27 07 14207 // 365

Super quick shot taken on my compact as I was going into town for Sheffield’s annual Tramline festival. Although this year the trams weren’t running through the town centre due to maintenance work…

Coneflower // 27 07 14

208 // 365

Went to my mum and dad’s for a brief visit just to snap this coneflower 😛

After last nights festivities we didn’t get in until 2/3 o’clock, and I managed to lie in until 12 which is practically unheard of as I’m normally up really early!


Waiting // 13 07 14


194 // 365

This weekend has been lovely, sunny and warm. Yesterday I didn’t really do much; but today we went out to the Curbar Edge. I like it there because it is easy to park and flat (which is good for my joints) with stunning views. Today we paid and parked in the proper car park and read the sign which is in there. Turns out there are adders here, so I spent the entire time we were there pointing out (fictional) adders, and telling my boyfriend to ssh so we could listen out for them. We managed to spot an adder sacrificial rock (where adders sacrifice humans), the adder meeting place, and the adder home but we did not spot any actual adders. We heard them though…. They sound suspiciously like crickets – sneaky buggers.

I would like to point out that we saw or heard nothing to do with adders but just made it all up. Just to clarify in case anyone wants to point out that crickets and adders sound nothing alike.