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Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather //  30 12 15
364 // 365

It was predicted to rain all day today, but this morning it was just spitting and really windy. So I went out and took a photo.

I’m now going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out how to make a short video of all 5 years of my Project 365 shots…

Awaiting the coming storm

Awaiting the coming storm // 13 08 14225 // 365

Yesterday I ordered a new lens; the Sigma 18 – 35mm 1.8 lens to be exact. Today said lens arrived (along with my Emperor hoodie!). I totally forgot to order a filter for it, but that should arrive tomorrow (thank goodness for Amazon Prime trials!).

After sitting around the house for most of the morning (seriously, waiting for the post is like the worst activity ever. DPD send you a text in the morning and give you an hour slot. Pretty much every one else just leaves you waiting), I ventured out mid afternoon to snap this. It has been on my photography to do list for a while now, and the grass in this field had grown back (the last time I set out to do this shot, the farmer had cut it all!) and the skies looked epicly moody. To be honest I’m quite surprised it hasn’t rained all day.

Summer holiday (to France)

For the last week I have been in the north of France with kB, my mum and my dad.

This post will be the project 365 shots from the week, and a little comment, then I will do another post with spares.

Stuck on the road // 23 08 13
We started off the week with a trip to the supermarket in the morning, then a four hour drive to the ferry, four hours on the ferry (of which I was asleep before we had even left port) and then a 40 minute drive to the house. This was a quick “in the car” snap, as we got stuck in traffic.

The Lighthouse // 24 08 13
First day, and obviously we were tried. The weather was miserable too but we managed to go out for a walk in the late afternoon. We were based in Ingouville, just outside Saint-Valary-en-Caux

Approaching Storm // 25 08 13
Another miserable day, but it didn’t rain so we went out anyway. This was taken with my 10stopper filter at Veules-les-Roses.

Rouen, Abbey Church of Saint-Ouen // 26 08 13
We had a trip to Rouen to practice the drive there as we were catching the train to Paris there on Wednesday morning at 8am! It was about an hour away, although we did get lost when my dad decided to follow the sign posts rather than the sat nav – we ended up in an industrial estate.

Watching the sunset // 27 08 13
Lovely and hot on the Tuesday – and it was my dads birthday! We went to a beach that was very pretty, but I can’t remember the name of it.
Me and kB “got done” by a life guard because he was blowing his whistle because the tide was coming in but I wanted to take a shot so we ignored him… Only for a minute or so! He scowled at us as we came in. Did loads of walking then came home and went out for tea, today’s shot was taken just after tea 🙂

Eiffel Tower // 28 08 13
Super early start as we were catching a train at 8 to Paris. Nice day, but too busy for my poor knees : ( Saw most of the sights though : )

Flutterby // 29 08 13
Butterfly in the garden!
We went to another beach today, but they all kind of looked the same – did a couple of “weird” shots, one involving a corn field.

Washed Ashore // 30 08 13
Another beach! This one was called “the Beach of Death” because we saw 3 dead dogfish and countless dead crabs. Decided to just go for it with this shot, but as the tide was coming in rather quickly it’s not quite what I had in mind. Got soaked then had to lie in the sun to dry off – this was the first “proper” beach we had seen all week, all the others were just pebbles. Last day though so no more beachy funtimes : (

On the sea // 31 08 13
On the ferry on the way home : )
Sure early 3am get up to get to the ferry for 430 – did not envy my dads 4 hour drive home after that, and I napped most of the ferry ride and drive home!
A bit mardy from lack of sleep, but looking forward to getting into my own bed!

Heading towards a storm

Heading towards a storm

This is near where I “grew up” (if that is what it’s called when you are in your late teens/early twenties?). We moved here just as I was finishing university and I lived here for a good few years before we bought our own place.
I hated it when we first moved there. It was “dark” and “in the middle of nowhere”, but as these things tend to go I ended up loving that house and the land that was around it.
I used to walk to the end of the road, through the wooden gate and across the fields fully stocked up with drink, blanket and book. I would sit under a tree at the top of a hill and read.
Happy memories.
Now there are gates and fences put up all around it and big shaggy Shetland cows graze in there for some of the year.
There were butterflies and bees out in force today, and a rattle snack (probably a cricket but my childhood over-active imagination never wore off).

Storm in a teacup

Storm in a cup

The amount of times I have typed “coup” instead of cup.
Anyway, sealed a deal this week (photographically speaking) and kB has got the green light to start writing up his thesis, so we went out for sushi treat tea and then came back and watched GoT and I tried Rekorderlig Passionfruit. It was most agreeable.

Outside of work, this week has been full of the victories. Most appropriate.