The steep uphill struggle012 // 365
Sometimes it looks like the climb to the top (whatever your ‘top’ might be) will be easy.
Sometimes you just know it will be a struggle.
Sometimes you don’t even try to excel because you are afraid of failure, or even afraid of what you will find at the top.

Today was a cold day; or at least I assume it was cold in the morning. Very frosty, and it stayed that way for quite some time. By the time we decided to go out for a walk, the frost had gone and it was cold, but not terribly so.
So far in the UK we have had a mild winter in terms of temperature. It has been a bit crazy in terms of wind and flooding though.

The paths we walk

260 // 365
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Nine days to go until day 1000 of taking a photo every day.
Today has been a rough day at work, but it has been lovely to come home and put creativeLIVE on and be inspired by other people.
I love checking out the work of others, but it’s really hard to not look at others work which is better than yours and then feel upset because you think you will never be that good!

Resting on stability

259 // 365
facebook page.

I’m going to start trying to make this a blog, rather than just another place where you can find my shots. To this end I am going to experiment with posting less frequently, but putting more written content in with more pictures per post.
That’s the idea anyway.

Today it’s been very cold. Apparently (so says the weather man) it’s been the average temperature for the end of October! My knees are a bit bad, due to the cold no doubt.

The Poisoned Apple

Today me and kB have been dating for 8 years 🙂
We went out for sushi again, seeing as the first sushi was bad then I had a chocolate mousse/muffin thing for afters – yummy!

Had a nice productive morning buying some things for my trip to France later in the month, then we went and shot this after sushi.
Turns out that I did break my lens when I dropped my camera so today has also been a tad on the expensive side :-/

Blown about

Can’t really think of much to say … My new dress has butterflies on it? Why does my hair still photograph red when it’s purple?
I do now have to go and re-arrange the living room, I’ve had to move the settee, a folding exercise bike, weights, yoga mats, a bean bad, a sheep skin rug and various small tables to take this.
I’m aware that list makes us seem like exercise nuts. We’re not.

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