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Bonfire Party

I had planned on being really brave tonight. I was going to my friend from works party for his daughter and I knew there would be “a few people” and some fireworks. An excellent opportunity to photograph some exploding fireworks! Totally bottled it when I got there though. A lot more people there than I had anticipated, and I didn’t want to be *that* person with the SLR photographing the fireworks. So instead I took a couple of the left over sparklers home and photographed them as it was gone 9pm by the time I left.

Disappointed in myself for bottling it? Yes.
Enough to do something about it next time? Probably not.

Bonfire Night!

There are loads of fireworks going off outside, I’m sat in the spare room (study basically) with the lights off and blinds open all like 😀
There’s a house a couple of doors down with a fire too, outside smells like bonfire night.

We were supposed to be saving the sparklers until Monday but it had to be done, went outside for 5 mins and danced around. Wrapped up super silly warm (coat, scarf, ear muffs, gloves) because I’m already ill. Now I think a hot chocolate is in order ^_^