Spring is springing

We’ve been trying to get out for weeks and go for a walk, but the weather has either not been right, or we’ve had something on.

So this makes this little snowdrop the first official photo of 2019!

Spring is springing


Snowdrops // 16 02 15047 // 365
Today it rained in the morning, but then brightened up a bit in the afternoon. So we decided to go and see the snowdrops at Hodsocks Priory. We had a nice stroll around the snowdrop walk and the gardens for an hour ish, then came home.
Tomorrow the weather looks quite nice indeed, so I think we are going to Newstead Abbey. It’s weird kB being off with me!

Danbo came out and about too and he enjoyed exploring the different things ^_^


Beauty in solitude

038 // 365

There is only on snowdrop which ever flowers in my garden, and it is always this one. Every year out he comes, and every year he gets snapped by me

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