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Of Smoke in the night

Of smoke in the night
Long time no update!
My last laptop was running slowly, which made editing images a slow, slow process. By the time I’d uploaded them I couldn’t be bothered to post about it.

Anyway, I’ve got a new laptop (mmm speedy) and have started to take some photos again.
Of smoke in the night
Of smoke in the night
Of smoke in the night

Snow day!

The beast from the East was here the other week, but as I was at work I never managed to get out and photograph anything. The beast returned (or sent his cousin?) and as today is a Sunday, out we went for a little walk

Snow day

Nothing like going out for a walk in the snow, the coming home to a nice warm cuppa!

Snow day

From darkness

From darkness // 02 08 15

214 // 365

I have decided to put a bit more effort in for August whilst I am off work. I really enjoyed taking photos when I was on holiday, so I think I am trying to do too much on an average day with work, exercise and taking a photo every day. Seeing as I’m not at work until Sep this means I can work on the photos a bit more.

I’m going to try to get out and visit different places when I can, and shoot a variety of things. That is the plan anyway, it obviously depends on the weather and other commitments (like festivals!)

The manifestation of the unexpected

The manifestation of the unexpected // 23 04 15

113 // 365

A nice quick shot before work – crammed in in 10 minutes. I’d originally set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier, with the idea that instead of lying in bed looking at the internet before getting up I’d just get straight up. I managed to do this, which should really have created an extra 20 minutes, however for some reason I just took ages to get my breakfast together and lost all of the time I should have gained. Ultimately though I suppose it doesn’t matter as I got the shot : )