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Derwent in the Rain // Project 52 Week 1

Derwent in the Rain // 03 01 1601 // 52
Derwent Reservoir, Derbyshire

For the next year, Project 52 (a photo a week) will be about the Changing Seasons.
After working out when a week should start for this project I’ve decided on Sunday, as there are 52 Sunday’s in the year.

In order to meet the ground running on this I’ve been stalking the BBC weather app for today’s weather forecast all week; and it hasn’t looked good all week. We decided to go out anyway this morning, so we kitted up with my water proof camera cover and out we went.
We didn’t stop long as it was really raining, but I was surprised how busy it was as we struggled to get parked around Ladybower. The original plan had to go somewhere more barren but that normally means heather and I didn’t fancy getting soaked up to my knees.

Where possible I’m going to get out and shoot a landscape at least once a month, and hopefully each time will be a different location. These things are easier said than done though!


Untitled // 04 09 14247 // 365
A night time shoot in Sheffield city centre with some photo friends. After bumping and scrunching my toe today I was in a lot of pain with it, and I was also rather tired so by the time I got there I was a bit grumpy. Being grumpy and socialising when you are already shy and anti-social is not the most award winning of situations, but still, there we go.
Drip drip drop

Life is a blur

Life is a blur // 31 03 14
090 // 365

Busy busy busy today!
Went straight from work to hang my frames for the exhibition I’m in in Sheffield. I was there for a good two hours helping with the hanging in general.
I gave myself a massive headache about half way though spinning around to get this shot; then felt sick and ill for the rest of the time I was there. Feel OK now after I’ve had a a sit down and some tea though ^-^

Climbing the walls & the Dark Ones

Climbing the walls & the Dark Ones

318 // 365
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Snapped at the Sheffield Fire and Police Museum. I enjoy that I paid to get into a museum (I didn’t really know what was there) to then not photograph anything to do with the fire or police and instead spend most of my time in this cell.