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Silhouetted against the sun

Silhouetted against the sun // 20 07 14

201 // 365

The other day I received a message from Yahoo! asking me to submit some shots to their Project Weather. 

In a nut shell as part of their Yahoo! Weather app they have an image which shows the weather conditions in the place where you are (or where you are looking at a weather forecast for), so if you happen to be in a place where I have taken a landscape shot and the weather conditions are the same as the ones in my shot then my image might show up! 🙂

Only the best will do

Only the best will do

This was a bit too difficult to do in terms of being completely alone. Below where I was sat was brambles, so every time I wanted to get down I had to put my shoes on, and I needed to get down every time I chucked the flowers.
I’d envisioned my chucking arm being lower and the flowers being more falling, but it was warm and if I am going to be totally honest I got fed up quite quickly of putting my boots on, jumping down, carefully picking up the flowers, climbing back up, taking boots off – for every single shot.