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Woodland Walks – 11 September

Woodland Walk (Silhouetted Trees)
Silhouetted Trees

This afternoon (late afternoon!) we went for a little walk – just for an hour or so. We went to Eckington Woods and it was lovely and warm, but there was a definite coolness in the air. The light was lovely ^_^ and some leaves have started to turn, but most of them are still green… for now!

Woodland Walk (Backlit leaf)
Backlit leaf

Day 1 – Norway, Ålesund

Today begins our week long trip to Norway. Norway has long been on my bucket list. Fjords, mountains, black metal, vikings. Perfect!
We had a long day yesterday as we had to drive to the airport, which was about 3 and a half hours. We finally checked into the hotel at the airport just after midnight.

Incoming This morning we had a casual 5 minute stroll to the check in desk, before having a relaxing few hours in the airport. Once we were in Norway I started with “oooh will you look at that” (The only correct response for cloud topped mountains), before the weather changed and Thor welcomed us with a thunderstorm. Ålesund, Norway

Once we were in the hotel and unpacked it blew over, and the rest of the evening has been warm and pleasant. Now, as I type this we are sat on the balcony at the back of the hotel. kB is drinking his £14 beer (!!!!) and we’re looking out at the various islands and mountains and watching the sun dip lower in the sky. It’s still light though, and it’s almost 10 o’clock.

Evening FIshing

Tomorrow we are going to go and get some bits from a supermarket, and explore the city. Apparently we can go on the Ålesund city tour for free, and I want to walk up to the Sukkertoppen and explore the area around there.

The First Snow

The First Snow // 17 01 16

Last night it snowed a bit 😀
This morning, had we not had to go to the gym I would have gone somewhere and done a proper landscape with the snow. However we had to do to the gym this morning, and by the time we were coming out it was a bit melted.
Despite being really tired from the gym, I went out for a walk around the same woods I took yesterdays shot in, and managed to find this. I do love a good isolated tree; and bare trees are more interesting than fully clothed trees – well to me anyway.

Sunrise and Stags

Stag at sunrise // 20 09 15263 // 365

Got up at 5.
Drove to Longshaw Estate and met up with some photo peeps for the first deer photo session of the season.
Misty sunrise.
Took back up shot involving floaty dress (not needed) just in case. This involved taking my watch off.
A wild stag appears!
In the excitement forget all about watch as pack up and move to another location.
Almost back at car. Remember lost watch. Trudge all the way back up to attempt to find watch.
Search frantically for 10 minutes in heather and long grass but cannot find watch.
Remember watch sync’s with phone.
Turns on phones Bluetooth. Watch sync’s up so must be close by. Search for another 10 minutes. Turn around in desperation about to give up – spots watch!
Walks back to car, herd of deer bounce across the path.
Shoot shot 3 (second below this text).
Return home.

tl;dr – Don’t take you watch off in moorlands leave it on the floor and forget about it.

Sunrise over the Big Moor

: )Misty mornings

Remember, remember, the fifth of Novemeber; the gun powder, treason and plot

Remember, remember the fifth of November; the gun powder, treason and plot // 05 11 14309 // 365

In the UK it is Bonfire Night tonight.
What is Bonfire Night? Traditionally it’s a celebration that Guy Fawkes was caught and didn’t manage to blow up the Houses of Parliment. So to honor this we set off fireworks and burn a Guy Fawkes figure on a bonfire! It’s all very jolly! 😛

I have fond memories of Bonfire Nights from when I was younger; we used to go to my grandma and grandad’s along with my aunt/uncle/cousins and have a bonfire and some fireworks. There would be nice warm food and what not. Now we never really seem to do anything; our house isn’t ideal because our back garden is too small and there are trees at the end of it, and so we just never seem to really do anything for it 😦

Today though I decided to walk to the field near my mum and dad’s as it is quite high up and see what I could shoot. It turns out that shooting fireworks at non-organised events is a lot harder than I anticipated it would be. Firstly there are fireworks popping up all over the place, so some are big some are small. There is usually just a couple, then a wait, then some more. Had kB been with me then I would have gone further afield, but all the best views of the city are in less than desirable places for a young lady to be hanging out on her own with a camera, and kB was at band practice.

After I’d got to the top of the hill (I’d also not really thought about how dark it would be up there. Luckily it’s pretty much a full moon otherwise I would have been in trouble!) I tried to shoot wide angle city shots but the fireworks were lost as home fireworks aren’t really that big. So I switched to my medium zoom and had some more goes. Then behind me (where I had previously noticed said tree and thought to myself ‘That is a nice tree there, if all else fails I will shoot the tree. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if there were fireworks next to it!’) someone just at the bottom of the hill was setting off fireworks! Right next to the tree! YEAH!

So I scurried back up the hill, ducking under branches, loosing my hat, possibly standing in cow pats and managed to get the shot above. I kind of knew it would be photo of the day, but there was a part of me that really wanted a big landscape… After about 15 more minutes I decided enough was enough and went back to my mum and dads.

It’s kind of made me want to shoot at night a bit more. It was a bit scary, but quite epic at the same time to be out in a field on your own at night.

Sunset over the Longshore Estate

Sunset over the Longshore Estate // 02 11 14306 // 365

After a week off it’s back to work tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to go to the deer’s again, hoping to catch them rutting but it wasn’t to be tonight. If I’m going to be honest I’d left it a bit late anyway, as I was hedging my bets on either getting a deer shot or getting a sunset shot, so I only got there an hour before sunset.

As we were driving up (as kB came with me this time) I was a bit dismayed about the cloud situation but it turned out that it didn’t really matter anyway. As we got to the ‘adder wall’ the sun was just setting (as below) and so I took loads of shots with my 500mm (this was *really* in the distance) as I planned to stitch them together, but it didn’t work out on the small screen… Maybe if someone wanted to put it on a really wide screen cinema screen it would look OK? 🙂

Sunset over the Longshore Estate (2)