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Take what you will

It’s proving to be harder than I thought it would be to get a photo every week which falls in line with what I consider to be acceptably within the range of “The Changing Seasons” without resorting to loads of images of flowers.
The original plan was that I’d take more landscapes, and whilst I think I’ve met that to a degree, it’s hard to get somewhere every weekend. Especially as weekends get filled up pretty easily, and it’s hard to say “Oh I’ll leave you to do that on your own [like dismantle furnature in prep for redecorating the bedroom], I’m off out for an hour or so to take a picture” and believe that you’re being reasonable.

I’m sure once the nights get shorter then it will be easier to nip out on a week night and shoot!

09 // Moorlands

Day 5 – Skye to Bamburgh

Loch Laggan dam

Today saw a almost seven hour drive from the Isle of Skye to Bamburgh. We drove West to East through the Highlands, past Edinburgh. It was a lot more wintery, and there was snow on the ground, and along the way it started to snow.

Bamburgh Castle

We arrived in Bamburgh just before sunset, and even though the tide was in I grabbed a couple of shots of the beach and the castle. I stopped because a rather large wave came in and literally soaked my up to my knees. Luckily I managed to grab my camera and tripod so they didn’t get too wet; but my Dr Martens, socks and jeans were sodden! I decided to take this as a sign and leave it there for the day.

Bamburgh Castle

Into our last hotel for a shower before mussels for tea. Up for sunrise to shoot the castle again, and have a little explore of said castle before returning home.

Day 2 – Isle of Skye

Waterfall, Isle of Skye We were up with the larks this morning; we were at the breakfast bar in the hotel for when it opened (at 730), in fact we were so on time there that the chef was still putting the food out!


We set off at about 8, and it took us ages to get to Eilean Donan castle. This was 100% my fault because it was so bloomin’ pretty I kept pulling over every 15 minutes to take photos.

Mountains and rivers

We finally got onto Skye and into our hotel by about 230 ish. We dumped the stuff in our room then went for a stroll around Portree. I knew that it was going to be pretty much closed up for the winter season, and it was. There are a few cafes and restaurants open, but all of the restaurants seem to be attached to hotels.

After that we drove to Sligachan Bridge and the Cullins and took some photos before going back to the hotel room and having tea.
Super tired yet again!

The Beginning

The Beginning

Despite not having to take a photo on the first of January, I set my alarm for just before sunrise so that I could be on location just before the sun was up. As much as I wasn’t really looking for the early morning light, I was looking to be alone.
I was dressed in a Viking style dress that’s about 4 sizes too big for me and tied at the waste with brown sting; and planned on being bare foot lying in a puddle. The location for the puddle with a line of trees in the background what I had found was on the edge of a small “car park” near where I live. Said car park/surrounding areas gets populated with dog walkers and I’d much prefer to not be gawped at as a lie in a puddle. Bare foot. In winter.

In true sods-law fashion it also happened to be really cold as I set out. It was the first morning this winter that I’d had to de-ice my car, which didn’t make me look forward to lying in a puddle bare foot any more than I already was!

On the plus side the car park was empty when I arrived. I took a couple of tester shots with my boots and jumper on as I didn’t want to be running back and forth in the cold bare foot to check composition and focusing, and as I was doing so a car drove past. So I grabbed my camera and sat in my car. Oddly it drove past (The car park is pretty much at a dead end, there is about 3 cars worth of space after the turn in for the car park), so I wondered if it parked past the car park. However just as I was feeling brave enough to get back out of the car it drove back past – and it was a police car, clearly someone had phoned me in 😉

Shots were taken without incident, just very cold feet and hands. The ice cracked a bit as I took the last few shots so I knew time was running out.

I then decided to boot up and venture into the woods at the back of the shot to grab the next shot in the series. At this point, just as I was walking into the woods a car pulled up (dog walker), then another car. So the timing could not have been better!

I grabbed another two shots (Only one of which involved taking my boots off again) and then was home before kB had even woken up properly.

Happy New Year!

The other side

The other side // 21 07 14

202 // 365

Today I got up before sunrise and went to Rother Valley Country Park. It’s really close to where I live so it is useful for things like this! 🙂
I’d anticipated it being a bit chilly, but actually I was perfectly fine just in my dress. It probably helped that I’d had a really bad night (read: 4hours) sleep because it was too warm.
Anyway, I’ve snapped this, been to get some holiday clothes from the shops, done some washing and I’m now just about to start Week 4 of Ripped in 30 (with the food shopping to occur after tea)! A productive first day of the six week holidays. Tomorrow we have ironing and generally cleaning the house seeing as I’m not actually allowed to leave the house as I have to stop in and wait for kB’s delivery. Speaking of which I’m expecting my waterproof camera at some point this week – can’t wait to try it out before the holiday! ^_^

Such an exciting life.