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Oyster shell

Oyster Shell

Last Friday I had deep fried oysters in a batter with some wasabi mayo. It was lush. I asked if I could keep one of the shells to add to our mini shell/rock collection (Shells/rocks from places we’ve visited).
I think I’m feeling a bit lost some evenings. I want to crochet my red panda, but I’m kind of stuck without the eyes for now. I feel a bit like I have nothing to do, so I decided to take a quick photo tonight.

Early mornings, Cleethorpes and Donna Nook (seals!)

Early mornings, Cleethorpes and Donna Nook (seals!)

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This morning I got up at 530 and went to Cleethorpes with my photography group. We met up at 7am, took some photos for an hour ish then got a coffee/tea/bacon sandwich before going to Donna Nook.
Donna Nook is a RAF training ground however there are times when the RAF cannot use this land… That is when the seals are out!
Every year in October – December Donna Nook is full of seals. They go there to give birth to their pups, and this morning there were loads of new born pups ^_^ Soooo cute.
We also saw some males fighting! : )

The Shell

Seal pup

Cleethorpes, Sunrise



Le Petit Chaperon Rouge & The never ending pile of mussels

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge & The never ending pile of muscles

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We cooked these ourselves. Tapped them, washed them, steamed them, sauced them up… And did not die! Hurray us!

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I went to Rivlin Valley, Sheffield with some of the photography gang. I always dress for a shot rather than practically; so it had rained really hard over night, it was really muddy, there was a river… I was in a white dress…

In true adventure ninja style I crossed a section of the river onto this random statue of a chair and sat in said chair. I managed to not fall in or get my feet wet! Woo!

The weather is defiantly more autumnal this year than it has been the last few. The last two years I can distinctly remember being hot and sunny. This year it’s raining one minute, OK the next and cold! We’ve even had the heating on a couple of times!

I’ve managed to grab a couple of outfit bargains on eBay too! ^_^

Soft Shell

Slightly uninspired again tonight. Had a not too good day at work and then couldn’t really work up the motivation to photograph anything. This is a shell which lives on the bathroom window sill. I was actually trying to work something out with two crab shells left over from tea yesterday but it didn’t quite work out like I wanted.


And now…

To bed! At 9:15 pm