Windy days

Windy days // 19 08 15 231 // 365
This is the shot I’ve been trying to get out of the house and take for the last two days. It’s not 100% quite right, but not bad for a first attempt.

Windy days (Black and white)

Fragments of reality

Fragments of reality // 10 03 15

069 // 365

I got up at 6 so that I could shoot this, it was a total miscalculation as I kind of forgot to take into account that the sun wouldn’t peek over the trees from where I was stood until well after it had technically risen… So I was stood about for a bit. Plus the battery in my remote shutter started to work intermittently.

As I packed up to return back to my car, I noticed a car pulled over in a bus lane. As I got closer two people got out of it, which obviously made me more than a bit on edge. Turns out they’d seen me in the field and thought it was a bit odd (young lady, alone, in a random field, early in the morning) and wanted to know if I needed a lift somewhere! I explained I was OK and that I’d just been taking photos and thanked them – random acts of kindness FTW though 🙂

From mist

From mist // 11 02 15 042 // 365

kB was away last night, and I had pondered getting up to go shoot another shot in the same place as Monday. Upon waking I decided to go for it, so this was again shot in 10 mins. A bit embarrassing as a woman was walking three dogs pretty much past where I was after I’d set up (seriously there was so much space EVERYWHERE ELSE). Normally that would have put me off, but I was already set up, in a fancy dress in the 3 degree winter morning laying on a bath mat amongst the rabbit poo…. Classy.

The bath mat wasn’t really big enough to accommodate my feet, so my boots got really muddy. I’d not really anticipated how wet it would be (silly), and they were my work boots. When I got to work I tried to clean them off the best I could but it wasn’t really happening.

Anywhoo another shot in the bag before 8am. *winning*

The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield

The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield // 08 02 15039 // 365

This morning I went to the Botanical Gardens with some photo peeps and went squirrel hunting. Which, I think it is fair to say, was more difficult than we thought it would be…. 😛
Some lovely light about, which I suppose is one of the benefits of winter! And the temperature was in double figures! woop!

A nice morning, even if we did have to wait half an hour for a pot of tea!!

Of the bleakness of cold winter days

Of the bleakness of cold winter days // 29 01 15

029 // 365

Yet more snow today, which resulted in a snow day.
I can’t remember a day more productive. I got up as usual and set off to work, then whilst I was stuck in traffic at the end of my road I got a message saying that work wouldn’t open until 1030. So I had to sit in traffic for 15 mins to get to a roundabout so I could do a U turn and go back home. As I had unexpectedly gained 2 hours, I decided I would do my exercise and have a shower. I ended up cleaning the kitchen a bit too.
Just as I was getting ready to leave for the second time I got another text from a colleague who had gone into work before the first message was sent out saying that work was shut! Woop!

By 1030 I’d done exercise, had a shower, cleaned the kitchen, done today’s photo, sorted out the washing and was sat watching naff daytime TV whilst drinking a cup of tea! ^_^

The snow at night

The snow at night // 27 12 14

361 // 365

Last night here in Sheffield it snowed quite a bit. Naturally I decided that I wanted to go and play in it, so I waited until just after midnight (So I could use the shot for today’s photo of the day!) and went outside to the field next to my house wearing a cloak and carrying a lantern! 🙂

No idea what the lights on the horizon were, maybe they were the supermarket?


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