Winter sunset

Winter III // 28 12 15 362 // 365

I’m stuck in that strange Xmas limbo where I’m fed up of eating and drinking, but this is the only time of the year where such yummy food and drink is fair game and so I feel like I should eat as much as possible whilst I can 😛Sunset

Even deeper

Ever deeper // 06 12 15340 // 365

This was one of the weirdest experiences. I’d got waders on, but I’ve never worn them before. The places where the water was touching them felt colder than the rest of me, but it was that kind of colder where you’re not sure if it’s cold or wet. So I did spend some time wondering if they had a slow leak.
Anyway, this went off without incident, and also without an audience. Except for kB who was shouting things like “Be careful of rat piss” (He’s obsessed with rat wee), “This is a fishing lake I think, be careful of pike they’ll eat you”, “If it is a fishing lake then it’ll just drop off at some point, I’m not coming in to help unless it’s an emergency”. Feel the love ❤

Windy days

Windy days // 19 08 15 231 // 365
This is the shot I’ve been trying to get out of the house and take for the last two days. It’s not 100% quite right, but not bad for a first attempt.

Windy days (Black and white)

Fragments of reality

Fragments of reality // 10 03 15

069 // 365

I got up at 6 so that I could shoot this, it was a total miscalculation as I kind of forgot to take into account that the sun wouldn’t peek over the trees from where I was stood until well after it had technically risen… So I was stood about for a bit. Plus the battery in my remote shutter started to work intermittently.

As I packed up to return back to my car, I noticed a car pulled over in a bus lane. As I got closer two people got out of it, which obviously made me more than a bit on edge. Turns out they’d seen me in the field and thought it was a bit odd (young lady, alone, in a random field, early in the morning) and wanted to know if I needed a lift somewhere! I explained I was OK and that I’d just been taking photos and thanked them – random acts of kindness FTW though 🙂

From mist

From mist // 11 02 15 042 // 365

kB was away last night, and I had pondered getting up to go shoot another shot in the same place as Monday. Upon waking I decided to go for it, so this was again shot in 10 mins. A bit embarrassing as a woman was walking three dogs pretty much past where I was after I’d set up (seriously there was so much space EVERYWHERE ELSE). Normally that would have put me off, but I was already set up, in a fancy dress in the 3 degree winter morning laying on a bath mat amongst the rabbit poo…. Classy.

The bath mat wasn’t really big enough to accommodate my feet, so my boots got really muddy. I’d not really anticipated how wet it would be (silly), and they were my work boots. When I got to work I tried to clean them off the best I could but it wasn’t really happening.

Anywhoo another shot in the bag before 8am. *winning*

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