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Of Carnations and Band Stands

Forgot to post yesterdays photo. I took it and edited it straight from work, managed to upload it to Flickr before I had to go and make tea so forgot about a blog entry. Woops.

Today kB was in work again so I decided to get him to drop me off in town at the botanical gardens and I took some photos there and then walked up to Western Park (next to the Uni of Sheff where he is doing his PhD) and took some more photos there. No idea why I decided to do this as my legs are *really* sore from too much pilates/hula dancing. I honestly don’t think they have ever hurt this much before 😦

Under the Tree

So Ofsted came into school yesterday and today. I am so tired – despite the fact they didn’t come to see me! It’s the waiting and the not knowing that really mess you up… Are they coming into my lesson, are they not…?
Somewhat harsh that they came in on the last week of term before the Christmas holidays, but at least now we are done and do not have to worry about it!

Roll on Christmas 😀 !!