At rest

At rest // 13 02 15044 // 365

So it turns out that the human skull… Has a skeleton!
It is believe (s)he is from the science department, but is how the property of the lady in the art department, but is currently on loan to me.
Got to admit I did find it a bit creepy when I positioned it all on the floor of my living room. The head doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but there is something about the rib cage / spine / hips that just makes me go a tiny little bit funny.

Anyway it’s half term this week so I am looking forward to getting out and about ^_^

Old memories

Old memories // 04 11 14308 // 365
In my head this room looked totally different. Well not 100% different, but I was pretty certain the sink and window was in the middle, not to one side.
I tried to make of it what I could but it’s not really what I was going for.
Hey ho.

Lost in the library

047 // 365

Today I went on a tour to the Sheffield Central Library with my photography friends. I was mainly most excited about the huge, ancient, about to fall apart books kept in the basement. The lighting was a bit poor, so this was shot at f/1.4 rather than use my flash gun (As I only had one and it was attached to the camera). Cool trip out though, I could have spent hours flipping through the old books.
Also, old book smell = <3.

Cuppa Tea

Nothing beats a good cup of tea. I really look forward to coming home from work, mashing a cuppa and having some crackers with humus whilst I watch Neighbours.

In other news Flickr has changed. Seems to be a bit buggy. I like the layout for it, but I’m not convinced that they’ve made all the right changes to it but I’ve not used it much since the change. It was in massive need of a overhaul though as it looked seriously outdated!
Any other opinions?

Longing for Summer

I’ve decided to swap yesterdays shot for this one.
There was something I just wasn’t happy about with the other one – most likely something to do with my face, so now we go with this much safer option 😛

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