Project 365 – Week 2

This year is the first time that I’ve been going to the gym whilst doing a project 365. Let’s see what happens.

Day 6 – Flowers (06/01/2020)
Luckily this week is a deload week, so that means I can ease myself into the routine of back at work, gym and taking a photo.

Flowers // 06/01/2020//

Day 7 – Konnichiwa
Little Danbo out playing with his new friend.

Konnichiwa // 07/01/2020//

Day 8 – Shell
Gave in and swapped to the old Pentax and the macro lens.

Shell // 08/01/2020//

Day 9 – Tulip
It’s about this time when you question why you started this project as it’s dark and you are starting to run out of things to photograph…. Which means that I’ll have to start coming up with ideas and planning what days I am going to execute them. This is where this year is going to be trickier than previous years, as I’m going to the gym 3 week nights as well.

Tulip // 09/01/2020//

Day 10 – Bass
I forgot how rubbish a project 365 is when it’s January and your at work and it’s dark.

Bass // 10/01/2020//

Day 11 – Bed Time for Danbo
Another morning of strong(wo)man training and a contact lens check up meant I was tired. Almost as tired a Danbo.

Bed Time for Danbo // 11/01/2020//

Day 12 – Forgotten
One full week down. Feel like I’m learning a lot about my new camera system (Swopped from Pentax dSLR to Fuji mirrorless). Getting my head around settings and what not!
Alternative title for this shot is “I really need to dye my roots”.

Forgotten // 12/01/2020//

Alpbach, Day 1; Bischofer Josh

Not all who wander are lost

We start off with a hike. A hike to a marked view point on my map. Bischofer Joch. Which is about 1500m above sea level.

Alpbach, Austria

In the morning it was cold and overcast. The weather forecast said that it would be much like this all day. I had marked out several point of interest on the map, so we decided to tick off one of them.

Alpbach, Austria

We set off from the bus station outside the Boglerhof hotel, and walked up the side of the mountain (A very steep gradient to get the heart going), before following the A6 route across the side of the mountain.

Alpbach, Austria

I had set my eye upon getting to the top of the mountain, but it’s been snowing quite late in Austria in this region and it we were told it was too snowy to get all the way up. So we settled on the view point.

Alpbach, Austria
Alpbach, Austria

The walk was very well sign posted, and there was a little chalet serving food about 25 mins from the top. So we stopped off for a beer on the way up, and a cheese board on the way down.

Alpbach, Austria
Alpbach, Austria

On the way back down we followed the road. It was a lot less scenic but a lot faster. The sun was starting to dip towards the mountain so lovely long shadows were being cast.

Alpbach, Austria

The weather forecast was wrong though, because the cloud burnt off and it was lovely and sunny for most of the way. A bit too warm for my liking when hiking up the side of the mountain.

Alpbach, Austria

Alpbach, Austria

On Unfamiliar Ground

On Unfamiliar Ground

After waking from her sleep she finds herself in an unfamiliar place. She must have walked here whilst she slept. There is heather as far as the eye can see, and the sun is hidden behind dark rain clouds, although it isn’t yet raining.
The sun has well and truly risen, and it is time to move forward and see what the new day brings.

From mist

From mist // 11 02 15 042 // 365

kB was away last night, and I had pondered getting up to go shoot another shot in the same place as Monday. Upon waking I decided to go for it, so this was again shot in 10 mins. A bit embarrassing as a woman was walking three dogs pretty much past where I was after I’d set up (seriously there was so much space EVERYWHERE ELSE). Normally that would have put me off, but I was already set up, in a fancy dress in the 3 degree winter morning laying on a bath mat amongst the rabbit poo…. Classy.

The bath mat wasn’t really big enough to accommodate my feet, so my boots got really muddy. I’d not really anticipated how wet it would be (silly), and they were my work boots. When I got to work I tried to clean them off the best I could but it wasn’t really happening.

Anywhoo another shot in the bag before 8am. *winning*


Purple // 14 12 14348 // 365

Whenever I change my hair colour I always get the urge to take a normalish picture to document the colour. Probably the remains of selfie time, possibly so I can use it as my profile picture.

Anyway, presenting today’s shot of my face! mmm awkward 😛

Collecting thoughts

Collecting thoughts // 30 10 14
303 // 365

Today has been a bit of a lazy day. I nipped out and shot this, then went to go out and shoot the Henderson’s Relish factory, and after tea I’m going out to see my friends band. Busy busy! Not too sure if I will take my camera or not, but I think I might as I’ve not tested out my new lens in low light situations yet.

Not 100% happy with how the balls (hurr hurr) look on today’s shot, but I don’t think there is anything I can do about them. Of course I am open to suggestions about what to do with them; so long as it won’t involve starting again.

In that regard a 365 is a bit of a curse; shoot, edit, upload all on the same day, then if I’m not happy with it it’s a bit like ‘tough upload it anyway and move on’ instead of leaving it and going back to it.

Excess baggage

Excess baggage // 29 10 14

302 // 365

Another rushed photography day… After yesterday’s double booking I had to have my hair done this morning, but I needed to meet my friends this afternoon. So there was some manic hair dying/showering etc before chucking myself on a tram to go and meet one friend for coffee (well tea for me. British standards and all that), and another after for beer (cider for me!).

So whilst my roots were peroxide blonde, my hair blue and wet I dipped into the country park which was en route home and snapped today’s shot; before coming home, dumping loads of blue hair dye on my head and starting to edit it. Mid edit I had to sort my hair out and get ready, and I just finished it off now. After a pint and a half of 5% cider. I’m a total light weight.

The long road home

The long road home // 27 10 14300 // 365

I can’t believe we’re in the 300’s! We really are in the back half of the year now.
I’ve had a busy day; I more or less raced to the railway line (disused of course) to snap this because it said it was going to get sunny (it never did). I took my mum out shopping as she’s not allowed to drive yet after her foot op, then did some boring house chores… Now it’s time for swimming!

From the flames

From the flames // 22 10 14295 // 365

Sometimes I randomly come up with an idea and even though I’ve already taken a photo for the day, I just HAVE to go with the other idea.

Today was one of those days. I’d been mildly upset that yesterday’s shot didn’t wind up being all orange like I’d planned (it is orange tones but I’d planned on changing my dress to orange initially but I didn’t like how it looked when I edited it), so I think it had been playing on my subconscious that I needed colour.

I’d tried to do a technical shot with Danbo, but the science was letting me down and the house was starting to smell a bit so I went outside and shot a flower. But for once in my mind I wasn’t that inspired by said flower and then the above idea randomly came into my head and I kept trying to tell myself ‘do that tomorrow’ but noooo said idea was determined it was going to happen tonight.

So I compromised with myself thinking that if the stubborn idea didn’t work out I could learn from it and re-shoot it tomorrow with me having a back up flower shot for today.

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