Isle of Wight – Day 5

The sea front at Seaview // 26 08 15// // 365
Another rainy day today. And again it brightened up just before sunset. Today we went to Newport and Godshill, but my camera stopped in my bag because it was so wet. When it brightened up we went to Seaview again and watched a diving competition and a greased pole competition. The forecast is looking better for the rest of the week though, and I’m looking forward to getting out. Seaview Sunset//

Isle of Wight – Day 3

Seaview // 24 08 15

236 // 365

Today the Isle of Wight had a weather warning for heavy rain. It was supposed to chuck it down all day. When I woke up, it was indeed, as promised, chucking it down. It remained chucking it down for a good couple of hours then the clouds got lighter and it slowed down/stopped. So we decided to go out, worse case scenario we would just peer at the merky landscapes out of our rain drop smeared windows.
It hasn’t chucked it down all day, so we’ve managed to pop out and have some quick walks around, but it has rained for a lot of the day, and when it has rained it has been heavy.

It is supposed to clear tonight (like 1 o clock) so I’m hoping to pop out and get some star shots. Fingers crossed.

// Lifeboat//

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