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Photo catch up: Italy (part 1)

From 15/08/14 to 22/08/14 we have been in Italy. We stopped in Sant’Agnello, which was about a 15 minute walk from Sorrento. Whilst we were there we saw lots of beautiful sunsets, went to Capri and Pompei as well as me getting up before dawn twice to take some shots!
It was very warm for most of the week, but when we visited Capri it rained all on and off all day. To be honest though the shade the clouds provided was more than welcome as we ended up walking a lot farther than I anticipated. Especially when on the third day there I possibly broke my toe!

Day 1 – See yesterdays post for the image.

Day 2
After Sunset // 16 08 14

228 // 365
We didn’t really do much this day. This is the view from our balcony 🙂

Day 3
Dead end dreams // 17 08 14

229 // 365
Sorrento and Sant’Agnello don’t have beaches. Instead they have piers with sunbeds on them. You have to pay to use them, and they weren’t cheap! kB really wanted to swim in the sea though so off we went. I took my waterproof camera into the sea, and whilst treading water to try and take a picture of Mount Vesuvius from a sea eye level when I kicked kB really hard (accidentally!). My toe went black and blue and swelled up and I couldn’t walk on it. I assumed that I’d just bruised it, but it’s still an oddish colour and swollen now and I still can’t walk on it! 

Day 4
Capri Sunset // 18 08 14

230 // 365
This day we went to Pompei. There are some shots from Pompei over on my Facebook page, but this sunset was my favourite shot from that day. This was taken with my 50 – 200mm lens from the roof of the hotel we stopped in. I’ve not done much to edit the shot, such a beautiful sunset.
Despite having a (possibly) broken toe, I managed to walk a good distance – walking stick and pain killers defiantly helped!

Day 5
At dusk // 19 08 14231 // 365
We spent the day exploring Sorrento, before walking down to the sea front just before sunset.