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Drone at Sunrise

Because I am a total loon I got up at 5:45am to go and take some video footage around Ulley Country Park at sunrise. Technically the sun rose at about 5:10, but I figured that if I got there an hour after then I would have enough light to play with.

What I didn’t count on was flying my drone into a tree and then panicking that I was going to have to fish it out of the lake. But I suppose these experiences allow us to poop our selves and then learn from them. I made myself carry on flying the drone, because my gut just wanted me to land it and then drive home and be sad.

Ulley @ Sunrise

In hindsight I probably should have landed it to check that it was OK. This is defiantly what I will do next time, as it turned out that one of the propellers was ever so slightly cracked. On the flip side, I suspect that if I had landed it and seen the crack I would just have gone home and then possibly been too nervous to fly it again. So swings and round abouts. These things are bound to happen when your too excited about the mist and the sun beams to be properly keeping an eye on what is happening!

Ulley @ Sunrise

When I bought the drone I also bought some ProPlus ND filters for it. I had been using ND4 for the other flights, but as it was super sunny with no cloud this morning I used ND32 – I was pleasantly surprised to find no colour tinges on the footage!

Ulley @ Sunrise
Ulley @ Sunrise


This weekend (Slamfest and Alone in the Woods)

Saturday – Rotherham Arts Council had asked for some people to come and photograph their “Slamfest” event. I’m not too keen on band/gig photography, but it was an opportunity to do something a bit different so along I went.

Within an hour of me being there some guy had come up to me, lifted up my skirt to gawp at my tattoo on my leg, then proceeded to stroke my back to emphasise where he was going to get tattooed. It put me on edge… OK well it creeped me the fuck out, and so I managed to last out for another couple of hours before I went home. People are weird.

The event ran today as well, but the experience put me off going back.

Sheffield v Rotherham

I hate waiting to take my photo of the day, I always think some sort of disaster will befall the idea and I’ll have to take a hasty shot to make up for it. Luckily this morning we were taking Christmas down (always a sad time) and I shot the baubles as I was packing them away so I had back up shots – I just hate it when a plan might not come together…

Luckily this time it did! ^_^ It was really rather windy though, so a lot of the shots are slightly OOF, but there are a few which were usable with this one being my favourite because of the sky.

Route Home

Today was really cold. It was minus numbers when I was driving to work, and now I’m home I’ve got the heating on and I’m fleece but I’m still a bit on the nippely side (My right have feels like I’ve been outside recently in the freezing cold, when in reality I’ve been inside for almost 4 hours).

I have terrible circulation!!


In other news

Tomorrow is December and I still don’t have an advent calendar :-/
Fifteen more days until the school holidays!
I bought myself an upgraded body for my SLR, not a massive upgrade but still! Seeing as I’ve been having a pants time of it was work I thought I would treat myself (This decision was somewhat spur of the moment).