Fallen petals

Fallen Petals // 08 07 14189 // 365

I am quite chuffed with myself today. I’m really very tired. I made myself go on the exercise bike for 40 minutes and I was pushing through the tiredness until one of the pedals fell off! I fixed the pedal when kB came home and told me where the tools were; and after a 30 minute power nap I did the last 15 minutes and day 2 of Week 2 of Ripped in 30. I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in my entire life. I’m normally cold and don’t really sweat at all, but it was quite literally dripping from me. Gross! 


In my dream smoke followed me

Giving my hair a bleach bath and decided to use the rose in what will probably be it’s last shot. It’s the only one (I think there were three in the bouquet) which is still in reasonable condition. Not too bad considering it’s two and a half weeks old!

I hate pink

The other day I was moaning about the fact the colour pink seems to feature quite a bit in January’s photos. I then went on to declare that “I don’t even like pink”. The next day at work I had a few people point out to me the irony that I hate pink, but I have pink hair.This is an irony that I do not understand myself. But there we go 😛

This shot is my obligatory “one self portrait a month” shot for project 365. First try at texturing too.

Birthday Rose

Today is my birthday!

I got loads of presents – all of which are great ^_^ Krys bought me some flowers too, so todays photo ended up being one of the flowers in the bouquet, a rose.

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