Hello tomorrow

Hello tomorrow // 30 11 15
334 // 365
Advent calendar time tomorrow! Wooo
Also, the heating is fixed! WOOOO



Rose // 26 11 15
330 // 365

Our heating is broken so it’s a bit chilly in our house at the moment. Luckily someone is coming to fix it tomorrow

Just another rose

Just another rose // 09 12 14

343 // 365

Another day another parents evening.
This rose is from the same bouquet as the pink one from last week, so I’m surprised that they’ve lasted so well! Snapped at work whilst on break.

Dusky rose

Dusky rose // 02 12 14336 // 365

Another long day. Gig yesterday was a lot better than I thought it would be, even if I didn’t get back home until 1230. Today has been parents evening so after 5 and a half hours of sleep it was a 11 hour working day – gah!

The Fallen

The Fallen // 19 11 14323 // 365

I really do not have my indoor photography head on at all. I keep trying to think of indoor ideas and just keep coming up blank. Today I took my lights outside (yes, seriously) and took this because I wanted the grass. But then I’m drawing blanks for other ideas.
Any ideas for things to set up (still life ideas etc) would be graciously received!
I will put my thinking cap on.

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