Trapped inside your own mind

Trapped inside your own mind // 02 09 15// // 365
A bit of a drippy afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to shoot this which I’ve had in mind for a while.
I managed to move the side board all on my own, with all of it’s contents still in it, so clearly the gym is paying off 😉

Of the benefits of being alone

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Weird how photography makes you realise little things that you would not have otherwise noticed; such as the fact we have no “clear” wall space in my house. So I had to go to my mums to do this 🙂

Blown about

Can’t really think of much to say … My new dress has butterflies on it? Why does my hair still photograph red when it’s purple?
I do now have to go and re-arrange the living room, I’ve had to move the settee, a folding exercise bike, weights, yoga mats, a bean bad, a sheep skin rug and various small tables to take this.
I’m aware that list makes us seem like exercise nuts. We’re not.

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