Greece; Kolypmia

We mostly stopped around our resort area in Kolympia. I had grand ideas about hiking but overall it was far too hot so we just trouted around the pool and read books most of the time.

Good morning Kolympia!// Good morning Kolympia!// Good morning Kolympia!//

On the last two mornings I made an effort to get up for the sunrise. The sunset was inland so not really much to see there.

Good morning Kolympia!// Good morning Kolympia!//

Greece; Lindos / Road Trip

For whatever reason I never posted any of the photos I took in Greece! I didn’t take many photos really, but here we are!

Lonely Tree// Monolith Castle// Abandonment// Lindos//

We hired a car, and drove to Lindos, then up to various castle ruins and back across the middle of the island to Kolypmia. All in all the driving was good and not that chaotic considering what we were expecting. Once we were out past Kolympia / Lindos there weren’t really that many cars at all.

Abandoned Chalet// Lindos//

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