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Project 365 // 2013: A Review

What a year 2013 has been : )

This is a review of my third consecutive project 365. I think I want to make it to five consecutive years, although easier said than done I suppose!
Just to clarify a Project 365 is where you take a picture every single day for an entire year. I did my first in 2010, but gave up around October time after I got mad at myself for accidentally deleting a couple of weeks worth of shots from my SD card which weren’t backed up. I bought an SLR on 01/01/2011 and I have taken a photo every day since then.

The aims of this year were as follows:

  • Create more black and white photos
  • Create photos which are more like ‘art’ (though at the start of this year I wasn’t even sure what I meant by this)
  • Take more portraits, including at least one self portrait a month


This year I knew I was carrying on (Last year I think was an accident), so I went to bed early(ish) New Years Eve and got up to go for a stroll and take some snaps in the hope of getting off to a good start on January 1st. Came back with a nice shot, and got Explored for the first seven or so days on Flickr. It doesn’t mean anything but it’s nice to get lots of favourites, views and comments on your photos.

Reflections // 01 01 13

Tulip // 10 01 13

I played with having an ‘abstract Tuesday’ theme, and managed to stick at it with food colouring for the whole month. It was very messy to set up, and a massive hassle as you could only snap a few shots before you had to change the water – but a lot of fun!

Jellyfish Swirls // 08 01 13 Last of the bunch // 29 01 13


The Band Stand // 02 02 13

February saw me looking to expand on the ‘abstract Tuesday’ theme and I spent a lot of time looking for unusual photos to take, stumbled across some fantastic levitation tutorials, and February saw my first ever attempt at a levitation.

Nothing like a good book // 03 02 13

The actual theme for ‘abstract Tuesday’ was smoke.
Treated myself with my birthday money to a 1:1 macro lens. It was love at first click.

Pink Carnation // 06 02 13


March saw a lot of low key work. Probably influenced by the fact it was still dark outside, so it was easy to create dark shots and the fact it was another style to tick off the list. I can remember taking the asparagus shot and being really pleased that my flash guns attached to the studio light stands … and then bashing my camera quite forcefully lens first down onto the table. Both camera and lens were fine, although I did have palpitations whenever I used my camera for about a week after.

Asparagus // 27 03 13

Salt & Pepper // 25 03 13I also, started work on one of my year targets, which was to take more portraits.

The Guitarist // 16 03 13


The ‘first’ for April was wire wool spinning. I got myself into a bit of a flap about it wondering if I would set myself on fire, but it turns out that it’s not as bad as I was expecting (still dangerous though, what with it being fire and all; see August).

Arc // 01 04 13

Edamame Beans // 22 04 13To contrast with March I tried to include more high key work this month. Still ended up shooting quite a lot of still life.

This month saw me try the opposite to the month before, and a lot of the work was high key. I still spent a lot of time photographing still life.
Vase // 13 04 13


Total splurge on a manual focus 30mm 1.4 lens.

From little acorns // 01 05 13

Despite never attempting any kind of photography along this vein, or even being inspired by anyone I ventured out to take my first full body shot of me.

Lost // 04 05 13

Through doing this though I did end up spending a lot of time at other peoples self portrait work, and ended up stumbling across a lot of fine art / surreal work, though lacked the confidence to try anything like that myself.

Stationary // 08 05 13


June for me marks a big turning point. kB persuaded me to do surrealist June after I had probably bored him to death showing him surreal / weird photos that I kept looking at on Google. He’d been mentioning it for a while, but I kept insisting that I wasn’t a good enough photographer, nor good enough in Photoshop to do it at all.

Weirdly, I went for that attitude to the attitude of ‘I WILL DO IT EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH’ and this ‘surrealist June’ was born.

Out of Reach // 01 06 13

I can remember thinking around about day 3 that there was no way that I would be able to keep up this amount of editing for a whole month.
Turns out I could.

Wizard Eyes // 02 06 13

Not every shot was a winner, and some (about 3) were posted and then hidden/deleted because well. Just no.

Storm in a teacup // 14 06 13

Some shots were more digital art than photography but it was a massive learning curve and for this I thank kB for persuading me to do it 🙂


Having enjoyed editing so much I decided to carry on with it for as long as possible. I didn’t manage to do a whole month of it but I kept at it as and when I could; trying new things all the time.

Bleak // 22 07 13

Doing a photo a day for three years leaves you needing to grasp photographic opportunities as and when you can. Getting to this field was a bit of a mission, and it was over looked by a farmers field so I was a bit wary of being shouted at, but I’m glad I got there and did it!

Fields of poppies // 03 07 13

I was still working on portraits too, although I think by this time I’d realised that I wasn’t too bothered by black and white photography in general.

Silent determination // 18 07 13

Some of the surreal work took a turn for the … weirder

Sharing thoughts // 15 07 13

After we broke up for the six week holidays I decided to embrace the time off and get up super early to photograph the sunrise. I broke my lens this morning; my parasol got stuck around the leg of my tripod and the whole thing went down lens first into a rock. Same lens as earlier in the year. This time I was not so lucky.

Hysteria // 30 07 13


I decided to embrace August by going outside of my comfort zone and posted online that I was looking to work with people (not models) to create some shots.

Untitled // 04 08 13

I was contacted by Photography Week to ask if they could use one of my shots in their magazine…

The pastel shades of summer // 19 08 13

I spent more time in August creating ‘nice’ shots rather than just weird shots (still had the weird shots though!), including a rare appearance of both me and kB.

Of a captivating summers day drawing to a close // 18 08 13

I went wire wool spinning again with some photo friends, and decided to plonk myself in the shot. I promptly go singed.

Of watching life flash before your eyes // 16 08 13

At the end of the month I went on holiday to France, so pictures ahoy there! My mum is adamant that she was in this shot and I edited her out (something which happened last year) but that is not true. She was behind us! That’s my dad in the shot.

The Lighthouse // 24 08 13


This month was quite mixed in terms of style.
Catching the wings of fallen angels // 04 08 13

Abandonment // 27 09 13

It also saw my first ever attempt at focus stacking.
I just stopped by for a drink // 02 09 13


I made it to the front page of Flickr for the second time.

Autumn! // 06 10 13

I also became somewhat concerned about the nights drawing in so made sure that I made the effort to go out and take shots outside when I could.

Out of place // 19 10 13


Down in the woods... // 04 10 13

Disconnected // 30 10 13

As above, so below // 31 10 13

A lot of my favourite shots from the year were taken in October and November.


Sparkle // 05 11 13

Not a lot to say about November really. It was in November that I decided I would buy a new camera next year. I was also taking advantage of the fairly OK weather and getting out as and when I could.Trapped // 03 11 13

Mother and Baby // 22 11 13

I also realised that my studio lights could be used in the garden…

Condolence // 28 11 13


I started to get a bit of cabin fever in December. I’m not very good at stopping in the house at the best of times, and there is nothing I love more than wandering around with camera in hand – even if it is only a 30 min trip out. I felt a bit trapped and really started to get fed up of having to shoot indoors. I also had a week or so where I had man flu so I couldn’t be bothered either.

By candlelight // 10 12 13

Nothing like a nice warm cuppa (pt 2) // 13 12 13

Sheffield City Hall // 17 12 13

Christmas : ) // 24 12 13

In terms of photography 2013 has been an amazing year. Another 365 in the bag, but also lots of other achievements from a learning and business perspective.

Bring on 2014!

What a year! : )

Reflections // 01 01 13Fitting to have the first image I took this year as the image for the post : )
Reflections // 01 01 2013

I feel this is going to be one of those posts that I work on and keep coming back to.
As I write this, the year is far from over (well OK not that far) but I have been thinking about an end of year post for a little while now. I tend to be a bit vague and wishy-washy when it comes to actually announcing stuff, but if I am going to be honest I have had a very good year. I have far exceed my expectations beyond any kind of wildest photography dreams and it has left me wondering what the future, or more specifically 2014, will bring.

I never started out to make money from photography. I only bought an SLR because I’d tried to do a project 365 on a compact and got frustrated that I couldn’t create bokeh (the out of focus light in the background) or do macro work as close as the pictures I saw on the internet. It was just a hobby and it kept me out of trouble ; )

This year I’ve registered as self employed and I’ve been doing a lot of work for a lot of different people; selling images for people to use on their websites, being in an art gallery, weddings, corporate shots, various portrait shoots, band photo shoots, featured in journals and magazines ….

I will do a review of Project 365 2013 at the actual end of the year, but I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all those people who have supported me this year, it means a lot and you know who you are : )

If you want to have a look at my Project 365 collection you can do so here on Flickr. I am so excited about 2014 will bring (It will bring my fourth Project 365 I have decided on that!).

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Summer holidays 2013

It’s 8pm at night, I am tucked up in bed and mightily tired. Tomorrow is the 2nd of September which this year means it is back to work after six weeks off.
At the start of the holidays I said I wanted to focus on…

  • Photoshop and photography
  • Get buff
  • Look into selling prints online and at craft fairs
  • Read more
  • Buy a new external hard drive and back up my work
  • Go through the last two years of project 365′s and delete out all the rubbish shots which are just clogging up my hard drive

Photography and photoshop – I defiantly pushed myself on the Photoshop front; I’ve tried lots of new things and for this I am proud of myself, and I am on the whole happy with pretty much every shots I have created these past 6 weeks, I can think of two which stand out as being a bit naff but that’s not bad going!
I’ve also been featured on a website and published in a magazine – both of which was other people contacting me so that is nice 🙂

Get buff – kind of did this, but then going on holiday for a week has put it back a bit. However the physio appointment I had has motivated this as now it’s not just a case of getting fit and looking good, it’s also for my knees. I’m aiming to do Pilates a minimum f 3x a week (aiming for 5 ideally) and building in some exercise bike (starting with 5 mins a day).

Selling prints – I did look into it, but then did nothing about it :-/

Read more – I did read more than I had, but I should have read a lot more than I did. Having said that I’ve spent ages flapping around taking and editing shots, but I should have spent less time flapping around online.

External hard drive – did this one! All backed up ^_^

Deleting old shots – did most of 2012, got fed up. A thankless, loveless task which I to be honest I started doing then forgot about completely until I started writing this. I think it might be something to do a bit of every day….

I also managed to work with some people who I had never worked with before. Directing people and working with models was a good experience, although ultimately I prefer working alone.

The downside to the holiday was kB working flat out, all day, all night, weekends – and I think what made it worse was him being in the house. Where he works when he is working from home is the same room as where my computer is, so we were holed up together but he was super busy all the time 😦

Before the end of 2013 I want to….

  • Be fit and healthy, with a good attitude to exercise again. This will benefit my body and especially my knees. Hopefully this will mean that I am not in as much pain this winter as I was last.
  • Continue to experiment and push myself photographically. Get the vey best out of autumn this year – hopefully it will be a good one.

Autumn is my favourite time of year, so I am looking forward to it. I have some ideas which are batting around in my head for shots, and I need to keep at it but at the sam time not let it dominate to the point where everything else falls by the wayside – it will be more difficult to juggle once it gets darker earlier, as I like to do exercise when I get in from work which reduced my options photographically once the sun has set!

Week 5: In Review

Been feeling a bit rough towards the back end of this week, this combined with the fact I went to visit my friend who is recovering from pneumonia on Monday (the day I normally do exercise) has meant that I’ve only done pilates once a hula dancing. My mum is fed up of hula and so we’re thinking of crossing over to line dancing, for the lols 😛

Bleach bathed my hair today. Ended up leaving it on for considerably longer than I anticipated (just over an hour) and my hair has gone this “delightful” shade of orange-yellow. Going to dye over it with pink on Thursday. I think it needs a bit of time to recover before I wash it again 🙂

Other than that the week has been pretty uneventful, the most comment worthy thing which happened was a massive power cut on Tuesday which lasted for 3 hours. kB went to band so I was in the house alone and bored 😦

This weekend should be the last weekend for a while that kB has to work. He’s been working 7 days a week for about 5 months now, so we’re both looking forward to going out next weekend!

My 1:1 macro lens arrived, and I have taken a few shots with it. It’s worth every penny I think (I did have a niggling sense that it might come and I would find myself disappointed in some way). I decided to change my watermark this week on my photos, so that it matches the font on my website. I’ve been putting it off because Lightroom doesn’t seem to want to recognise the font, so it means that I have to Export the photo at the size I want it out of LR and open it up in PS to add the watermark. Which means that I’ve forgotten to add it to a couple of shots this week. Which will annoy me. Forever.

Week 4: In Review

In the continuing theme of LIVING LIFE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES there shall be no headings this week either :-PI am so extreme, sometimes I wonder how I don’t hurt myself.

This week I have found out I am going to be mentoring an ITT student 🙂 I am looking forward to this, even if it is all very last minute. I’m not a last minute kind of girl, but whatevs, be interesting! My first time mentoring someone!

I did all my exercise this week, and boy did EVERYONE EVER know about it. I have really done my legs in, although they are not so bad today. It hurt to do anything. I think I might have too vigorously hula danced. Who knows. However, looking on the positives at least I know that it is doing something to my body 😉

All of my ordered birthday goodies came this week. The wireless flash triggers are the best thing ever. EVER. I wonder how I lived without them before. The second flash gun and diffuser boxes for them are also very good and nice and useful.
As will be the 1:1 macro lens I bought. *waves goodbye at self control*
A second hand one ended on eBay today, and I lost out again. It went for £200+ postage. If I buy a new one from a “grey import” site (basically it’s imported from Asia so the warranty wont be vaild, but these websites offer a 1 year warranty with them) it’s £250 (£360 from Amazon). So I decided what the hey. If I bought it second hand I’d only be saving £50 and wouldn’t have a warranty at all. The website I decided to go with has lots of good reviews and ships from the UK so no import tax 🙂 Fingers crossed for everything going smoothly!

I have met my quota for one self portrait a month for both January and February this week! Self portrait overload which you consider I also have done the one of me and the boyfriend shot for Jan this week as well.
Oddly I found that I quite enjoyed taking them. Normally I’m overtly critical of myself (as in what I look like on a vain level rather than the actual photo itself) but I’ve found I could step back from all the shots and look at them as photos rather than pictures of me.
The levitation shot wasn’t as good fun as it should have been due to the fact it was freezing cold and I had lots of bare skin on show. Editing was quite difficult due to the fact my skin was an odd colour (from the cold I suspect) and I was covered in goose pimples. But I recongise it needs work, and look forward to doing it again (either when it’s warmer, or whilst wearing more clothes!)
I am considering having my selfie and the shot of me and kB being similar. So January’s are both dark and grungy looking, I could have February’s as levitation shots? We’ll see.

The end of January also sees the end of the food colouring in water shots, next month I think I’m pretty much set on smoke shots for the abstract Tuesday shots. Got some ideas to make them not just shots of smoke, will see how they pan out.

Still haven’t bothered to sort out the PHP for putting this blog on my website!

Bonus end of week image, as this is also the first end of week review in February, so here is January’s montage

Need to work on getting more colour in there, but I guess that will be easier when as it becomes spring and summer 🙂
All in all an alright month! Couple of duds, but that’s to be expected. Ironic that the duds from this years January are probably better than the good shots from last years 😛

Week 3: In Review

Nothing to report here. After going through a very bad patch from April – the Christmas holidays, I think I’m now coming out of the other side. The pros outweigh the cons, I can leave work at 330, I get paid a decent wage and I get loads of holidays. All of these pros support a good out of work life style (assuming I stay on top of everything, being prepared and organised means that I have little to do outside of work).
I just need to stay positive, having so much outside of work free time means I can focus on photography and other things ^_^

In other semi school related things, I’m writing this on my Mac (which is school property). God do I hate the keyboard. Screw you shitty keyboard.

Me and my mum went to hula and we were the only two who turned up as it had snowed! This week I felt like it was a bit harder (I feel like I did more exercise) but at the same time easier (Having to rotate hips and walk was easier for example). Did my allotted two Pilates sessions, so all is good there.

New one added in here – I love reading but I seem to spend too much time flapping around not doing much online and it’s kind of fallen onto the back burner. I’m reading several books at the same time but the only book-for-fun is J V Jones’s book called Watcher of the Dead, and it is the fourth book in the Sword of Shadows series. They are OK, but I’m not devouring them like I do when I’m really enjoying a book.
Other books which I have on the go are photography books including one on black and white photography.

Another new category! It’s starting to get to me with kB working 7 days a week. We don’t seem to do anything as he is at uni for several hours, but mainly it’s that we can’t go anywhere. It’s my birthday on Wednesday and instead of going out on a night out, we’re going to Warwick Castle (weather permitting) but other than that we’ve not really done anything for months now.
Also, his feet have really started to smell. It’s really gross.

An OK week but there are some dips in this week, which is to be expected. What I find kind of positive though is that I would have been so happy with these “rubbish” shots this time last year – and I’m taking that in a positive light. I’ve gotten better at analysing my own work, and I can see that I have progressed both in terms of in camera capabilities and also during post processing.
I think I have decided that (birthday money permitting) I’m going to buy a 1:1 macro lens. I’m not expecting to get £300 for my birthday! But if I get about half, then I’ll put the other half to it. Might have it by next weekend…. ^_^

Photography Highs: Trying out something which I don’t normally – a high key shot. Letting myself take shots which are a bit pants. This is an odd thing to put in as a high, but it means that I can let myself take shots which are a bit rubbish and not be too bothered about it. It’s an acceptance that I have progressed, but also that photography is only a hobby, and it’s OK to be a bit pants at certain times.

Photography Lows: Taking some rubbish shots. OK OK, let’s be honest it’s always disappointing to take a shot you are disappointed with something you have done.


Week 1: In Review

Inspired by Alastair I’ve decided to give “end of week summative” blogging a go… I’m really not very good at things like this so we’ll see how it goes or indeed how many weeks this lasts for…

Mainly this week has involved taking photos using my new photography equipment, playing on computer games (Borderlands, Minecraft and Sins of a Solar Empire just FYI) and reading about photography. The days have started to blur together and even though I know it’s Saturday I’m finding it hard to think what I was doing last Saturday :-/

Back to work on Monday. I have decided (for the moment) that as much as I am not really enjoying it it is not worth fretting over and I need to focus on the positives.
1. If I want to I can leave work at 330 and be home by 350; 2. The holidays; 3. The pay. If I were to change professions number 1 and 2 would be gone for sure. The main positives for these is photography and exercise.

Life in General:
Exercise: I’ve managed to start doing exercise again. I need to do my second round of pilates this afternoon then I’m done for the week. Boy did I ache after I decided to do 1 hour of cardio then 1 hour of pilates back to back after not doing any exercise at all for about 3 months 😛
Social: 2012 saw the final nail in coffin in terms of some friendships. Predominately I am a lone wolf and I prefer my own company to being surrounded by people. I find that people often come with too many of their own agendas – what happened to just being nice to people; being happy for them in their achievements and being there for them when things are not going so well?
I don’t know what to do – do I want to try and make friends with new people and risk a load of potential new drama (I know being friends with people doesn’t have to mean drama, but in my experience I’ve found it usually rears its head at some point) when in actual fact I’m quite happy as I am (A few friends IRL, a few more online but very few of them being particularly close – I’m pretty much a closed book anyway and don’t like to share much).
Do I just feel like I should have more close friends because this is how society and media thinks I/we should be? I’m not unhappy so why change?
Random: My phone saw fit to upgrade itself. Everything has gone from green to blue, and small is no longer really small. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’ve decided to be good and finally get round to buying myself a protective case for it. I’ve had it since June/July and dropped it twice. On concrete. In the rain.
Hair and Tattoos: I like my hair this new pinker colour. I didn’t like it at first, but the more I’ve washed it the pinker it has gone and it has grown on me. I also think I’ve decided on getting a tattoo on the top half of my right arm. I’m just nervous about it, and I’m nervous about telling people about the idea – the people closest to me aren’t exactly tattoo enthusiasts…

I have (if I may say so myself) had a rather good week photography wise. The week started – yes I have checked – with a failed trip to Ladybower. We ended up in the peak district!
The last photo of the year was a bokeh lights shot with wine glasses (filled with water and red food colouring :-P) which got added to Explore* on Flickr a couple of days later. This was the last shot of 2012. I’m proud that I made it. I’m also proud of how much progress I have made it terms of photography.
The new year started with me getting up early and going for a walk. This photo got Explored on Flickr too. On the way back from my grandma’s later that day I remembered a location which I wanted to try a spot of night photography at (I say “remembered”, we drove past it) and I decided that me and kB would go back to this spot at some point. As the weather was good, that “some point” turned out to be the next day. The day after thats photo got Explored on Flickr too! That photo was a macro shot of a poinsettia leaf.
Friday the weather report said that it would be intermittently cloudy, but also sunny, so I set my alarm and went to Ladybower for sunrise. Only in between me checking it wasn’t cloudy (I could see the moon and stars!!) and me getting there it had become overcast, misty and raining. In the spirit of trying to be creative I decided to stick it out for about an hour and see what I could make from the situation.
It was hard work because the rain was the fine mist type, which didn’t seem to be coming down in any particular direction. I ended up with a couple of shots which were workable, my earlier idea of “well I’ll just edit out the rain spots” turned out to be a lot more work than I was willing to do. The shot I decided to go with is a black and white job – the first black and white shot of the new year, putting my target of taking more black and white photos well into view. This photo also ended up getting Explored on Flickr 😛
Today we went to Rivelin Valley and I have again ended up with a black and white shot. This time of a log and a waterfall.

This year I think I want to address where I am going with all this photography malarkey. Several people have asked me. I have no idea.

Photography Highs: Getting so many photos Explored on Flickr in one week! 😀 The Flickr app on my iPad has been jingling away almost non-stop for 3 days! Managing to get two black and white shots already for project 365 2013. I’ve remembered to clean my equipment after each use!
Photography Lows: The cheap filters I asked for for Xmas. The ND ones turn everything purple! I’ve asked for some better quality ND filters for my birthday – 18 days!! I can’t complain though, I asked for them because you get a lot of filters and I can try out and see which ones I use and buy better quality ones knowing I will use them – I just hadn’t expected to be buying replacements so soon!
Photography Mission for next week: Take one self portrait!

* Explore is where someone (I’m guessing it’s code based rather than human) chooses the 500 most “interesting” photos which were uploaded on a particular day.

Project 365 // 2011 – A review so far…

I’ve been thinking (OK so I’ve only had the blog for a matter of hours, but my mind does work on overdrive) as to how best go about cataloguing some of my favourite shots from this year. Originally I was thinking about doing a blog post a shot, but then I realised that I do actually have a life (hahaha not really, I just haven’t taken a photo yet for today). So for now we shall go with this approach.
I’m going to look back over each month and write a little overview of the month, commenting on any stand out bits from the month (because I think a p365 is an excellent way to remember significant things that have happened, not just photos).

Yes I know it’s November, and it might make more sense to wait until the end of the year. But you know, living life outside the box and all that 😛

Right, here goes… Shots which were “photo of the day” only in this post!

A month of wonder (ha, not really just my birthday! :-D). A lot of lighting mistakes were made in this month, although at the time I was impressed – though isn’t that the way it usually goes! On the positive at least I was experimenting and trying new things. I’m a firm believer at looking for the positives in a situation…

February (why does it always take me 3 times to spell it right?).
The month which technically made the p365 a p366. But pish-pash who wants technicalities. A bit of a safe month by the looks of things. Got out more with the camera but didn’t really do anything different. A couple of dud shots towards the start of the month, but if memory serves me correctly I was going on a night out after work, so maybe time was an issue…? >_> We had snow, I had a half term. I bought a furry wolf snood and wore it just about everywhere.

A good month for flowers! And it shows, hahaha, a lot of flower shots this month! Also had a week of experiments where I tried different things (shooting smoke, drops of water etc) and ended up putting Danbo in most of the shots. I had a lot of fun that week, but it was a week which was focused heavily around taking photographs so it’s not something I could maintain with a full time job.

Upon review not actually as bad as I thought it was. It gets worse towards the end of the month though. This was the month that we finally got our kitchen sorted. You can really tell where things start to pile up on top of me from work! Still a safe month in terms of what I was trying to photograph.

Very questionably month. Not a very good month at all really. Very clear that my heart wasn’t in photography at all.

Another not very good month. Apparently if I was shooting flowers I was better than if I was trying to shoot something else. Should probably have stuck to shooting most days then, hehe!

Still some questionable material in there, but you can tell that I’m starting to put a bit more effort into what I’m shooting. Especially so towards the back end of the month, which is where the six week holidays start. In July I’ve started to venture out of the house a bit more to take photographs of things other than “things which I found around the house” or “flowers in my garden”. One of the pictures from this month got Explored on Flickr, which gave me a confidence boost right when I needed it.
This month also sees the start of my love affair with getting a blown out sun in shot…

A good month! I came to the realisation that work wasn’t everything (easier to get into the routine of this whilst on holiday!) and I should put more time into the things which I love. The month of August is made up of festivals and day trips, and photographing both. A lot of time was spent by myself trying to get my head straight, and by the end of the month I was a lot happier in myself and how I would deal with things when I returned to work.

Another good month despite returning to work! Experimented a lot this month with back lighting, but by this time I’d decided that I really enjoy being outside and taking landscape shots, so there is a lot of that as well. Someone I know on Flickr who lives near me found a field of sunflowers, which caused much excitement. I’ve always wanted to photograph a field of sunflowers but I’d always dismissed it as being a pipe dream because no-one seemed to know of any such field anywhere near where I live. I also made more of an effort to be out at sunrise or sunset.

My favourite month! ^_^ I love autumn, but what with p365//2010 being over by this time and p365//2011 being a right off for these months I’ve never really tried to photograph it. It was more challenging than I though, I had some idea which I really wanted to work out but they didn’t. All in all though another good month – just have to keep trying with the ideas until I manage to get them right!

Well in so far we’re only on day 3, and I haven’t taken a photo yet for today (I’m thinking something with sparklers…)

The rest of the year….
I’m looking to finish the year off as the last few months have been, enthused by photography but not overwhelmed. After all it is just a hobby. I enjoy that I can see my own progress; I think I would define 2011 as the year I learnt how to take photographs technically and 2012 as the year I learnt how to take photographs – although we are always learning and I am looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

To anyone still sticking at a project 365 – keep at it, we’re almost there!
To anyone thinking about taking one up – it’s a lot of hard work and sometimes you will hate it, but it has massive pay offs. Each photograph will remind you of a point in your life and you will be able to see how you have progressed (if that is what you want to do)