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Derwent Reservoir

Derwent Reservoir

055 // 365

Today was quite lovely. In the afternoon at least.
The sun was out and it was very warm for this time of year.
I decided to go out on a little journey to Derwent Reservoir – it is about 40 minutes away from my house and so pretty!
I find it so peaceful to be outside. I could just sit there for hours.
Good job I didn’t though as just as I was packing up it chucked it down with rain!

When hope gives out

When hope gives out

046 // 365

I am starting to get a wee bit fed up of our weather over in England. Loads of people are flooded, and have been for quite some time. It rains heavily all the time (it normally rains a lot but we don’t normally flood!) and it is super windy.
I am starting to have to come up with ideas when can be shot inside, even at the weekend, because the weather has been that bad for such a long time.
I feel super sorry for those who have had their homes and livelihoods ruined, and I hope that something gets sorted for them ASAP so they can get some sense of normality back in their lives.

Lemons, pine cones and bad backs

Lemons, pine cones and bad backs

311 // 365
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Last Saturday me and kB went to an all day indoor mini festival kind of thing, we’d only really gone because I wanted to see Rotting Christ but we ended up not stopping until the end because we both had bad backs.
My bad back has remained since then….

312 // 365

Terrible day at work. Migraine, felt sick, eye felt like it was going to pop out of my head, and the bad back decided to rear it’s ugly head again. It hadn’t really gone all week, but it felt like it was getting better. But no, not today. Felt like Quasimodo and sitting, standing or laying down made no difference. Pain killers took some of the edge off of it but didn’t kill it. The back pain might be to do with my bad posture due to my knees/ligaments… Lovely!

313 // 365

Just a homage to my bad back : |
Today though I did manage to get my pictures hung up in a cafe in Stocksbridge. The cafe is called CoffeeApple Cafe, and my pictures will be up for about 8 weeks during which time they will be for sale – £25 each : )
The inside of the cafe is really nice, loved the tables and chairs (old looking) and at the same it was still modern (iPads and Mac’s connected up the internet around the outside). The staff were really friendly, and gave us a free drink whilst I decided which images to hang up and the order to put them in, you can see what it looks like on my Facebook page if you are interested!

Walking the Dog

Today is the first day this year where I woke up with no photography ideas in mind. I hate days like this as they instil in me a small amount of panic – what if I can’t think of anything? o_O
I decided to be productive in the morning and go get some bits for my photography next week when I go back to work, and as I was driving to the shops I realised it was misty!

I’m a girl who loves a bit of mist so then I started (mildly) flapping about the mist being gone by the time I’d got back from the shops. It hadn’t so off I went.


As the weather forecast looked for the morning I decided to get up early and go for a little walk. This was taken where I normally go to take photos when I can’t be bothered to travel too far but want to be outside, except this time I went a different route and found some nice potential spots for future photos (weather/lighting conditions weren’t right today).

For 2013, my photography resolutions are:

  1. Put more effort into getting shots straight in camera
  2. Clean kit after outdoor use (or if indoor use meant it might get mucky). Every time
  3. If you know the photo wont work, don’t snap it (I’ve gotten better at this but I still take shots that I know wont work “just to see”)

First photo for the new year 🙂

Only 354 more to go … 😉


Clumber Park

Clumber Park is almost 4,000 acres of parkland, heath and woods. It is located in Worksop, which is in Nottinghamshire, England. I’ve been a few times before, and this was actually my second visit this year (I went in summer time). I had written down in my photography book that I wanted to return in autumn, and today was that day!

The weather started off overcast, but it really brightened up! 🙂 It was great to get out of the house on a crispy Autumn day and wander around of a couple of hours. So glad the weather was good as I have really missed going out and taking photographs *shakes fist in the general direction of sunrise and sunset times in the UK*