I heart buttons

I heart buttons // 05 02 15036 // 365

A little bit stuck for inspiration tonight. It’s easy in these winter months to end up with loads of dark shots but then I couldn’t think of anything to photograph so I raided my sewing box.

Of the bleakness of cold winter days

Of the bleakness of cold winter days // 29 01 15

029 // 365

Yet more snow today, which resulted in a snow day.
I can’t remember a day more productive. I got up as usual and set off to work, then whilst I was stuck in traffic at the end of my road I got a message saying that work wouldn’t open until 1030. So I had to sit in traffic for 15 mins to get to a roundabout so I could do a U turn and go back home. As I had unexpectedly gained 2 hours, I decided I would do my exercise and have a shower. I ended up cleaning the kitchen a bit too.
Just as I was getting ready to leave for the second time I got another text from a colleague who had gone into work before the first message was sent out saying that work was shut! Woop!

By 1030 I’d done exercise, had a shower, cleaned the kitchen, done today’s photo, sorted out the washing and was sat watching naff daytime TV whilst drinking a cup of tea! ^_^

Of empty dreams

Of empty dreams // 27 01 15027 // 365

Another really tired day and night so I’ve decided to give my exercises a miss. I’m trying to not feel bad about not doing them, as I tend to be a all or nothing kind of girl and I need to learn moderation with things like this. If I was just feeling a bit tired then I would have done them, but this is like a woah tired.

It took me two attempts to come up with an idea I was happy with (I shall blame the tiredness for this!) but I have managed to sort out the hotel for when we go festivalling later in the year. Rock ‘n’ roll.

From the flames

From the flames // 22 10 14295 // 365

Sometimes I randomly come up with an idea and even though I’ve already taken a photo for the day, I just HAVE to go with the other idea.

Today was one of those days. I’d been mildly upset that yesterday’s shot didn’t wind up being all orange like I’d planned (it is orange tones but I’d planned on changing my dress to orange initially but I didn’t like how it looked when I edited it), so I think it had been playing on my subconscious that I needed colour.

I’d tried to do a technical shot with Danbo, but the science was letting me down and the house was starting to smell a bit so I went outside and shot a flower. But for once in my mind I wasn’t that inspired by said flower and then the above idea randomly came into my head and I kept trying to tell myself ‘do that tomorrow’ but noooo said idea was determined it was going to happen tonight.

So I compromised with myself thinking that if the stubborn idea didn’t work out I could learn from it and re-shoot it tomorrow with me having a back up flower shot for today.

The blazing reds of autumn

The blazing reds of autumn // 18 10 14291 // 365

Found my remote shutters! Hurray! They were under kB’s guitar bag. However when I went out today to take a photo, I ended up not packing them, but not realising until I was pretty much at the location so I decided to rock the autumn theme (again ;-))

Busy at work

Busy at work // 14 04 14104 // 365

Day 3 / 16 – Photo in a different location every day challenge
Location 3: Tickhill, Doncaster, UK

Today I went with my mum to visit my grandma and my granddad. They have a most wonderful garden, loads of flowers and fruit trees.

In grandma's garden

Leaves of the Poinsettia plant

020 // 365
Today I was massively uninspired. I took quite a lot of shots, hated everything. Put the SD card in my camera and reshot several times. Ended up going with this one. It was the only shot if the leaf I took, and it was about the 15th shot I took, so I guess I could have called it quits long before I did.
I often find I do that. Dislike all my shots when I upload them to the PC, reshoot them, then end up going with something I took originally.

Here is one more shot from yesterday’s trip to Humber Bridge.

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