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New drone <3


Whilst in Devon I flew my drone for the first time in a long while. I will admit I have always been a nervous flyer of my drone, but for whatever reason whilst I was in Devon I just kind of went for it in some places. I particularly don’t like flying it where there are people, but some of the places where we went it was just me and kB, so out it came.

Bluebells at Sunset

When we came back, I realised that part of the issue is that my drone is very much a “toy”. The range isn’t great, the controller connection to the drone becomes weak often and error messages appear… So after a bit of research I bought a new drone… Video below!

Catching clouds

Catching clouds

This marks the end of “surrealist June”. I’m proud that I’ve managed to complete this for a whole month, and I’ve really enjoyed it however it’s too much to do every single day what with work and having a life (occasionally). Glad I’ve stuck to it and succeeded in my month target though.

There are a lot of shots I’ve taken this month which I have been proud of, and this is something that I am going to carry on doing, just not every single day.

Welcome to July.
Also, I have green hair now. For the time being at least.