Isle of Arran – Day 4

Rain over Brodick Today was forecast to be the best day of our mini break, so today was the day we would try to reach Goatfell Summit. We got up a bit later and had a more relaxed morning, before driving a brief way to park at the start of the walk. Goatfell

The weather forecast had remained favourable so we set off optimistically to reach the top.

Raining The first thing to note was that it was very windy. Due to this we didn’t make it all the way to the top. Goatfell

The second thing to note was that on our way back down it started hailing pretty much sideways and we got soaked – so we were glad we didn’t go all the way to the top!

Downpour We are now both pretty pooped! The Path to Goatfell


In The Rain

In the Rain // 30 01 16

Today started off as a lovely day. However we had things to do so taking this weeks photo for my “Changing Seasons” project got pushed back to being an afternoon activity. As it turns out it started to snow just as I was setting off, but I’d got no choice but to go out anyway as the next week starts tomorrow, and I didn’t have a shot. And the sun was setting in an hour. Woo! Lesson learnt; don’t leave it so late! Here are some more zoo shots from Chester Zoo last weekend, because why not.




In from the rain

In from the rain // 08 11 14312 // 365

It has chucked it down with rain for most of the day, so I decided to experiment with flash guns outside. Because that’s the most logical thing to do in the rain!

It’s stopped raining now but it’s too late for me to re-shoot as I’m going to Nottingham to see TesseracT and Animals as Leaders.

And then the rain came down

And then the rain came down // 07 06 14158 // 365

Today the weather has been very strange. It has gone through super heavy rain, normal rain, brilliant sunshine, showers…

The weather report said the weather was supposed to be really bad all day, but it cleared up around tea time and after tea I managed to go outside and shoot this on the field next at the end of my road. Unfortunately quite literally just as I was setting up it started to rain again. I ended up putting my jacket over my camera and shooting about 7 shots before walking home again!

Washing away the last of summer

254 // 365
facebook page.

Seem to be rocking the square format this week, no idea why as I normally hate square format.

Anyway, this was more trouble than it was worth. It’s rained all day, I was uninspired (feeling a bit under the weather and my knees and hips are starting to hurt *woe* ), then after much trouble-shooting it looks like the transmitter from my wireless flash kit needs a new battery, by this point I had pretty much lost the will to do the shot, so used the extension cable and bedside lamp instead.
Being outside in jim jams in the wet/cold/dark whilst feeling pants is not an experience I would recommend. Next time, an OOF shot of the floor will suffice…

If you want a rainbow you have to put up with the rain

Went for something easy tonight as I want to do normal people stuff (I’m working on the assumption that it is not normal to sit all night on Photoshop).
Beep beep boop – yey for Friday!

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