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Whenever I change my hair colour I always get the urge to take a normalish picture to document the colour. Probably the remains of selfie time, possibly so I can use it as my profile picture.

Anyway, presenting today’s shot of my face! mmm awkward 😛


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Last year I noticed these purple flowers. They’re probably weeds, and at the end of summer/ mid Sept they crop up. Near where I live there is a woods within walking distance. Towards the edge of the woods there is a clearing where these flowers grow over hip height and as no one really goes in these woods (apart from me I assume) so they are undisturbed.

Last year I had a shot in mind – I really can’t remember what the shot was now – but for whatever reason I never got around to taking it. Last weekend I noticed that they were out in bloom, then as I had  shot in mind for Sunday anyway I forgot about them until yesterday when I drove a different way home and saw some at the side of the road.

At sunset

At sunset // 03 07 14184 // 365

I am finding the ‘Ripped in 30′ DVD better than ’30 Day Shred’. My legs kill on the inside, but today (at the end of day 3) I found that I could do the exercises better and I wasn’t quite as much of a sweaty mess 🙂 Progress!

In summer

In summer // 22 06 14173 // 365

One of my least favourite things about summer is waking up because it is too hot. Other least favourite things include hay fever and getting bitten by insects.

In the garden


In the garden // 10 06 14161 // 365

So another shot of this flower – although I don’t think I’ve *technically* shot the same flower twice, I just have lots of the same type 😉

I quite liked the little bud in the background!

In other exciting news, it looks like we’re going to Iceland this winter!! 😀

Wonderful spring weekend // 30 03 14
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This weekend has been a lovely weekend. Yesterday was a lot brighter than today, but this morning I noticed that a lot of flowers had come out in my garden!
There are snake’s head fratellis, tulips, daffodils (white ones, normal ones, tiny triple headed ones), wall flowers, pansy’s…! 🙂
I think last year was the first time I planted tulips on the front, they will get more sun that the ones on the back; but the ones on the back are not too far off flowering.
Prepare for a lot of flower photos! 😛

Morphing into clouds

022 // 365

I’ve not done any shots like this for a year. I always thought it was a big hassle to set up, but I snapped this super quick and it didn’t take very long to set up at all. Well, except for trying to find my tripod!
Got a busy night tonight, but not in a bad way at all – I need to pack my clothes for this weekends trip to Edinburgh, prepare special birthday lamb to go in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, and receive presents presents (it’s such a hard life).

Down in the garden

Just an average flower shot. Not really in the mood today if I am going to be honest. But there we go.
I like the tones on this one though.

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